By McNeil
Mar 15, 2017 @ 9:45 am
Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Heath Ledger will be the subject of a new Spike TV documentary, I Am: Heath Ledger, to air in May 2017.

It’s been a little over nine years since the actor’s tragic death at age 28 from an accidental mixture of prescription drugs.

Ledger, the Australian-born star of 10 Things I Know About You, The Patriot, Brokeback Mountain, and The Dark Knight, among others, was beloved for his rugged handsomeness, as well his low-key demeanor. He was often seen skateboarding down streets of his Brooklyn neighborhood and strolling with Matilda, the young daughter he had with actress Michelle Williams.

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Considered one of the most compelling actors of his generation, he brought a deep soulfulness to his roles, especially in Brokeback Mountain, opposite Williams and Jake Gyllenhaal, for which he was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar.

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Now his story will be told in Spike’s original documentary series, I Am—which is an inside look at the lives of unique individuals as told by those in their inner circle.

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Previous subjects have included, JFK Jr., Chris Farley, and Bruce Lee.