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By Kimble
Updated Jun 01, 2017 @ 5:30 pm

Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman, all the audiences are waiting for you.

The stars of director Patty Jenkins’s critically-praised new Wonder Woman film surprised a crowd at a New York City screening of the movie on Wednesday, sneaking into the theater to cheers and screams.

Gal Gadot—who portrays the titular character—and castmates Chris Pine and Robin Wright were joined by Jenkins for the surprise appearance.

“We are in a theater in New York City and we are going to surprise everyone before they see the movie,” Gadot teased in a video of the big reveal that was shared to social media.

In another clip taken at the screening, Gadot told moviegoers, “We’re so excited to be here… we feel the energy, we’re excited to be here, thank you so much for coming tonight.”

According to a Daily News reporter who was in attendance at the Lincoln Square screening, the film’s start was delayed by 30 minutes but just as the crowd began to grow restless, the cast appeared.

Speaking to the crowd, Jenkins said, “We could not resist being here today,” according to the Daily News.

“We came back here to do some press and heard they were having a screening. We said ‘We’ve got to go.’ We just want to say hi to everyone.”

Wonder Woman hits theaters nationwide on Friday.

This Story Originally Appeared On People