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While it may seem unattainable to get the body of an Instagram fitness influencer—whose job predominantly involves working out, eating healthy and sharing that journey with followers—Kayla Itsines swears she sticks to her 28-minute Bikini Body Guides.

“We only do the 30 minute workouts,” Itsines, who boasts nearly 10 million followers, tells PEOPLE. “I try and make sure women know they don’t have to go to the gym for a long time to get good results.”

The other biggest health and fitness misconception she says is “the whole, ‘I need to cut out carbs to feel better,” she reveals. “All influencers all around the world are trying to teach women that that’s not the case.”

Itsines says the best way to stay in control during the summer season filled with vacations, barbecues, weddings and seemingly endless reasons to skip the gym—is to think ahead.

“Don’t just get to the day and be like, I’m going do whatever I want and eat whatever I want,” the 27-year-old says. “Plan for that day so you don’t wind up feeling guilty. Today I’m going to eat whatever I want today, but tomorrow I’m going to get back to the gym. Having that plan for yourself makes you feel more motivated and more empowered.”

Itsines also suggests staying hydrated, walking instead of grabbing an Uber while on vacation and having a workout buddy, like her fiancé Tobi Pearce, with whom she runs the Sweat fitness app.

“It’s nice that he has my back and I have his,” Itsines says.

The couple, who got engaged in April, leave work behind by making time to watch Netflix together or going to dinner without their phones. Though they haven’t started planning for the big day yet, Itsines knows she won’t be shedding for the wedding.

“I’m sort maintaining what I’ve been doing for the last 10 years,” she says. “I mean, I always push myself a little bit more, do a little it more, like heavier weights every year, but my training style stays the same. I love it and it’s maintainable for me.”

Itsines thinks they’ll start nailing down some wedding details when she and Pearce, 25, return from a trip to the United States where they’ll be hosting live bootcamp workouts in Houston and New York City, including a stop at Popsugar’s Play/Ground festival on June 9-10.

“My favorite part with all of it is the meet and greet at the end,” the Instagram star says. “There’s like so many girls with so many different stories, and each one of them is like equally amazing as the next.”

This Story Originally Appeared On People