She compares Taylor's copyright battle to a key scene in the film.


Is Taylor Swift living out the modern version of Little Women? Emma Watson definitely thinks so.

While on the red carpet at the New York premiere of Little Women, the actor compared Swift’s current copyright battle with Scooter Braun‘s Big Machine to the moment that Jo asks for the copyrights to the novel she wrote.

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“It’s about believing in yourself and knowing your worth and owning your worth,” Watson told Variety. “Right now, the Taylor Swift situation is a great example of, you know, you’re young and you’re talented and someone wants to buy your work, but having ownership at the end of the day is super, super important because you don’t know what someone’s going to decide to do with that.”

She also compared both situations to the game of Monopoly. “I think people undervalue ownership,” Watson adds. “You know when you play Monopoly and you have a decision and you want to own something or get cash fast. The way to win Monopoly, everyone, is to own stuff. I’m just saying.”

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Back in November, Swift called out Braun and Scott Borchetta of Big Machine Label Group on social media, alleging that they were blocking her from using her old songs in an upcoming Netflix documentary and for a special performance of a medley of her most popular tracks at the American Music Awards unless she complied with their demands. The label then issued a statement indicating shock over the singer spreading what it calls “false information.” The back-and-forth ended with Swift being allowed to perform her old songs at the awards ceremony.

Little Women is now playing in theaters.

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