By PEOPLE.COM/Peter Mikelbank
Oct 07, 2018 @ 2:30 pm

Elle Fanning thinks Angelina Jolie is “amazing.”

The young star who recently finished work on Maleficent 2 tells People, “I was 14 when I did the first movie, now I’m 20.”

“I wasn’t as young now so Angelina and I got to relate on a different level now that I’m older,” Fanning says while at the L’Oréal Fashion Show during Paris Fashion Week on Sunday.

Their time together on the set saw the two stars bond.

“We actually got very close on the second one. Very close. She’s amazing!” the 20-year-old actress says. “She does a lot and is very inspiring to work with. To see how she handles the business and also she’s the producer so to see that side of things, to see her with her producer hat on, I learned a lot.”

When asked if the producer hat fit over Jolie’s iconic horns Fanning laughed.

Ken Ishii

“Oh yeah,” she says. “Definitely.”

Fanning, whose upcoming film Galveston opens on Oct. 19, is taking a page from her mentor and producing The Bell Jar based on Sylvia Plath’s novel.

The actress had fun returning to the Disney film, sharing selfies with Jolie while on the set in costume as she did in May.

While Fanning couldn’t divulge any details about the plot, she did say working with the mother of six “was a great experience.”

“We finished shooting this summer in London and Pinewood after about four months,” Fanning said. “Even a little more than that.”

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“I can’t say, you know, like a lot about the story because Disney would kill me but it was a great experience working with Angelina again,” she continued. “It was real exciting to reunite and have a sequel.”

“I’ve never done a sequel to a film before so I’ve never gotten to have a recurring character,” she added. “Never had the opportunity to come back to a character before.”

Maleficent 2 is scheduled for release in May 2020.

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