There’s no doubt Elizabeth Olsen is forging her own career path with three movies and counting just this year alone. But when it comes to navigating the industry she turns to two people for advice: her older sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

The duo is incredibly private and selective when it comes to interviews with the media, so it’s no wonder the 31-year-old Elizabeth and James and The Row designers groomed their younger sister to do the same.

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Once Olsen started making it big in the acting world (she most recently stars alongside Aubrey Plaza in Ingrid Goes West and Wind River, out this Friday), she reveals she started talking freely without much thought to the consequences.

“I was not caring what I was saying [in interviews] because I’d assumed no one would read it,” Olsen told Modern Luxury, in the magazine’s September issue.

That’s when Mary-Kate and Ashley sat their little sister down for a lesson on how to handle reporters.

“They’d say, ‘You know, even if you don’t think anyone’s going to read this article, someone might pull the quote later for [something else].’ It’s all part of how you hope someone interprets you, and how they frame who you are and the work you do,” she said. “They’re very tight-lipped—notoriously so.”

But now, after learning lessons from her sisters, Olsen is passing on words of wisdom herself.

“I still deal with so many anxieties of how I come across. I’ll go home at night, spinning with a guilt complex of, ‘Did I say something stupid to that person who I respect? Do they think I’m a freak?’ I don’t want to think like that anymore,” she told Modern Luxury.

And unlike some women, the now-28-year-old is actually looking forward to turning 30 in about a year and a half. “Your 30s sound like the best decade for a woman,” she said. “What’s so beautiful about being older and wiser is you are sitting heavier in your shoes with your feet on the ground. I can’t wait!”

And she’s already setting herself up well for the future. Olsen told the magazine she just purchased her first house, which she’s in the process of renovating. “[It] has been so much fun and stimulating creatively,” she said.

But what she’s really looking towards is motherhood. “I was also thinking, ‘There’s this small room upstairs, which would be good for a kid,'” she said. “I don’t know where things will lead, but I do think about it in that way: ‘I think I could raise kids here.'”

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