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Updated Nov 19, 2017 @ 9:00 am
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It’s no secret that pretty much everyone loathes Mondays, but we bet you don’t know why. A recent study from Achievement, a division of Evidation Health, which is a research company that provides data to improve health outcomes, revealed most popular habits for each day of the week, from the day we eat the healthiest to the day we get the most sleep.

Here’s a breakdown of the study according to every day of the week:


  • More than 40 percent of survey respondents said they eat the healthiest on Mondays.
  • More than 40 percent of survey respondents said they socialize the least.
  • More than 45 percent of survey respondents said they have the highest stress levels.


People who go to the gym are most likely to exercise on this day.


Along with Saturday, the most popular day for bikers and runners to get a workout in.


This is the day people sleep the least, at about 6.6 hours a night.


  • The people surveyed reported they were the happiest on this day (32 percent), followed by Friday (31 percent).
  • People reported the lowest stress levels and highest energy levels.


  • This is the day people get the most sleep. On average, people slept about seven hours versus about six hours during the week.
  • Research also suggests that lack of sleep leads to poor food habits, so the days people sleep the most are the days they’re most likely to eat healthy (for example, more people eat healthy Monday after getting a good night’s sleep Sunday).

This Story Originally Appeared On Real Simple