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By REALSIMPLE.COM/Chelsea Traber Burns
Updated Sep 17, 2017 @ 2:00 pm
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I made the switch to natural deodorant about a year ago, and have tried every one that's come across my desk since. Some get the job done—Schmidt’s in Lavender & Sage ($5; is a favorite—but few last long enough and many are either too goopy or too hard (literally!) to use. So when I got a pitch for Crystal Body Deodorant ($7;, I was skeptical but figured I'd give it a try anyway. With just one single ingredient, potassium alum (salt), and a rating of "1" on the EWG scale, it's the definition of a "clean" deodorant.

I didn't actually open the package for a while—my skepticism got the best of me. Then one weekend when I had too much time on my hands, I pulled it out of the packaging and set it in the little dish it comes with on my bathroom counter. (If nothing else, it looked really pretty in my bathroom!) Since the crystal needs to be damp when applied, I waited until later that night when I showered to wet the crystal and rub it under each arm.

The next morning I was shocked when I realized I didn’t have even the slightest tinge of BO under my arms—I wondered: did it really work? I needed to do some more testing, so I rewet the crystal (don’t forget!) and applied it to my underarms again before I headed off to work. To my surprise, it was just as effective—even through the muggy New York subway system!

Beyond the deodorant's ability to fight body odor, my favorite part about switching to the crystal is that it leaves behind absolutely no residue—I don't have to worry about any white stains on my clothing.

The one downside is that this is not an antiperspirant—because it doesn't plug your sweat glands, you'll still sweat. But the sweat you do produce won't leaving you smelling like you need a shower, stat. For best results, I apply the crystal deodorant in the morning and then again right before I go to bed.

In addition to the dish, the 5-ounce rock also comes with a plastic pouch to use for travel, so it’s portable. Just try not to drop it—the stone does crack fairly easily. But more good news: At less than $10, it won’t break the bank should you need to buy a new one.

This Story Originally Appeared On Real Simple