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It’s definitely a surprising choice.

Oreo has been known to launch some pretty interesting flavors, from candy-inspired (such as Swedish Fish and Peeps) to seasonal releases (Candy Corn, anyone?!). But their latest creation has us really scratching our heads: it’s Cookies & Crème—as in, Oreo-flavored Oreos.

The limited time flavor, which is available exclusively at Walmart, was launched as a result of a program called Oreo Vote. Walmart customers were asked to vote on one of three new Walmart-exclusive flavors for 2017: Cookies & Crème, Jelly Donut, or Caramel Apple. Cookies & Crème won the vote, and will now be available at Walmart locations nationwide for the next four to six weeks.

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Technically, the flavor isn’t brand new—it’s been released by Oreo before as a limited-edition flavor. The cookies are described as having an “Oreo base cake with cream and cookie bit inclusions,” a Walmart spokesperson told So if you've always wanted more cookies in your cookies-to-creme ratio, this flavor is just for you.

The packaging makes it clear that the new flavor is meant to be a riff on Cookies & Crème ice cream. While this doesn't totally help their case (because Cookies & Crème was inspired by the Oreo), it might attract die-hard Cookies and Crème ice cream fans.

Either way, we’re willing to give it a try. And if you're not sold on the new flavor, try their new line of candy bars (which we can't get enough of). Or, make our 3-ingredient Cookies 'n' Cream fudge.

This Story Originally Appeared On Real Simple