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Cindy Crawford looks younger at 52 than I did at 20. OK, maybe not younger but definitely better. Yes, part of it is her ungodly genetics that I was not granted (it's OK, Mom and Dad, you gave me other things like 20/20 eyesight), but another major component is that she invests time and energy into good skincare habits.

Crawford runs her own anti-aging skincare line, Meaningful Beauty, and is currently raising two teen models, daughter Kaia Gerber, 16, and son Presley Gerber, 18, with her husband, Rande Gerber. Her statuesque offspring teach her about social media and the modeling industry today, but the supermodel's beauty advice stems from her own 30 years in the industry.

Speaking to Byrdie, Crawford shared a beauty maxim she lives by: "It's never too early, and never too late, to start taking care of your skin."

Elaborating, she said she learned from Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh, an anti-aging specialist who worked with on her skincare line, "The daytime is about protecting your skin and then the nighttime is about restoring it. I have learned that it's like working out. You work out once—you don't really see a big difference. But if you work out regularly for years, you do. I think skincare is the same way. So I've made taking care of my skin part of my routine."

Another beauty rule of thumb Crawford abides by determines where she's willing to spend and where she tries to save. "I've also learned that's where you want to spend the money—anything that goes on your skin. So skincare and foundation," she explained. "You can get a less expensive mascara, you can get a less expensive lip gloss or nail polish, but anything that's actually on your skin is worth investing in."

She divulged the details of her skin-care routine, saying, "Every day, minimum, I cleanse my skin in the shower, and I love serums because you can get more potency. The newest one in Meaningful Beauty is called the Youth Activating Melon Serum (from $38;—the key ingredient is the melon leaf stem cells, and it has hyaluronic acid and peptides. So I definitely use a serum and put my day cream on. I love our Meaningful Beauty Environmental Protecting Moisturizer (from $26; It has SPF 30. It has antioxidants and blue light protection. That is the one single product that I would tell everyone at whatever age to use: You've got to start protecting your skin during the day."

She continued, "Then at night, I always take my makeup off. And now we have a new night cream with retinol (from $32; in it and for cell turnover, especially as you get older, I think that becomes more and more important. And really one of my favorite products we have is a triple exfoliator ($52;, so it has a physical exfoliation but also an enzymatic exfoliation. I do that right before I get in the shower. I like to really scrub; I don't have super-sensitive skin. The importance of getting your skin ready for good products is something that you learn to value as your skin gets older. You've got to get out the old stuff first before you put the good ingredients on.

As for makeup, the model likes a By Terry Foundation ($116; and $155; and Amazing Cosmetics' concealer ($28; for their lightness. She says, "I don't ever want to look like I'm wearing makeup. I'd rather people be like 'You look great,' or 'Your skin looks great,' not 'Your makeup looks great.'"

Celebrities have access to the fanciest and most indulgent beauty products, but Crawford's skincare routine and advice seems completely doable–and the prospect of looking as good as she does should be enough motivation to keep anyone diligent with it.

This Story Originally Appeared On Real Simple