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By PEOPLE.COM/Alexia Fernandez
Updated Jul 26, 2017 @ 11:00 am

Chris Hemsworth is getting real about what it takes to keep his Thor physique up to par.

The actor spoke to Men’s Health to talk about his upgraded workout regimen since he took up the hammer as Marvel’s Thor.

“My workouts are also about being diverse and mixing things up,” he told the magazine. “It’s easy to get bored. If I’m doing arm day, I’ll work in box jumps in between sets. By working in more cardio, you keep shocking your body and you prevent having problems in certain areas.”

While he’s definitely had to bulk up to play a superhero, Hemsworth reveals that while “bulk is nice” it’s not everything he’s after.

“Being more agile is definitely important,” he said. “Now I add in a lot of other sorts of movement, flexibility and functional training. I’ll do a ton of Muay Thai workouts. I surf a ton and I do a lot of yoga, too.”

When it comes to social media comments that say only celebrities can stick to a workout regimen due to having more money, the actor said that’s simply “not true at all.”

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“No amount of money makes someone else do the work for you,” he said. “If you can’t afford a trainer, that’s totally fine. Use friends; use anyone. Do a workout in your living room. It’s really easy to jump online to find nutritional plans and workout routines and more.”

“Ultimately,” he adds. “Being fit is about motivation and action creates motivation. Don’t wait around for someone else to come push you. Push yourself.”

This Story Originally Appeared On People