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Rest in peace, Tammy.

Chelsea Handler shared an Instagram photo on Friday announcing that one of her dogs, Tammy, has died.

The Chelsea host wrote a heartfelt caption accompanying the photo of Tammy laying on top of a bed wearing a red bandana around her neck.

“I lost my bear today,” Handler, 42, wrote. “She was struggling and I couldn’t bear to have her fight anymore. Anyone who doesn’t believe a dog changes your life has never rescued one. I only had 2 years with Tammy, but she made sure I never went to bed once without hearing her little paws mount my stairwell 2 paws at a time.”

“If my door was closed, she slept outside my room like a security guard,” she added. “Dogs give you something you never knew was missing.”

Despite her grief, Handler wrote that she would adopt another dog again: “I will get another dog that needs a home and it will remind me every day how much I miss you. Lub lub lub. @realtammyhandler.”

Earlier this week, Handler shared that Tammy was recovering from “renal failure.”

“My whole family is falling apart. Poor @realtammyhandler is recuperating from renal failure while remembering happier times… Fight like a bear, bear. These poor dogs. I’m starting to think it might be my parenting,” the TV host wrote.

Tammy is survived by Chunk, Handler’s other furry family member.

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