"Dude, I just made out with Jamie Lee Curtis. This is great."

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Updated Apr 27, 2019 @ 4:00 pm
Chad Michael Murray
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Lindsay Lohan‘s first kiss probably went a little differently than she imagined it would.

Lohan’s Freaky Friday costar Chad Michael Murray stopped by Busy Tonight with host Busy Philipps where he revealed that he was actually Lohan’s first kiss when the actress was 16. But there was one other person in the room who might have tried to move things along too strongly.

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“I was Lindsay Lohan’s first kiss,” Murray, 37, says of their kiss in the 2003 movie, immediately shocking Philipps. “Jamie Lee Curtis was there and she was trying to settle the situation because Lindsay’s nerves were all over the place. And she’s talking to Lindsay … like, ‘Just kiss him. Come on, just give him a pop kiss, it’s no big deal. Let’s break the ice now.’ “

He continues, “She goes ‘Oh, come on!’ And she grabs me by the back of the head and makes out with me. And at this point I went, ‘Dude, I just made out with Jamie Lee Curtis. This is great.’"

Curtis, 60, and Lohan, 32, starred as a mother and daughter duo at odds when one meddling Chinese restaurant owner gives them a fortune cookie that makes them switch bodies. Murray played Lohan’s high school crush, who mistakenly falls for Curtis while Lohan is trapped inside of her body.

During a video interview to promote the film, Curtis admitted to the extra help she got from her teenaged costar. “There’s a way she says shut up that I couldn’t get. She had to give me a ‘shut up’ tutorial because it’s a very specific way,” she said.


Curtis, who was then raising her own 16-year-old daughter, Annie Guest, claimed starring in the film helped her (figuratively) step into her own daughter’s shoes.

“I think I probably have a judgmental bitch badge that I put on because I can be harsh, and I think that walking a mile in some very uncomfortable teenage shoes gave me the opportunity to see what it’s like on the other side,” Curtis said.

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