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We always suspected that modeling for one of the biggest brands in athletic wear would have its perks, but now it’s been confirmed. Bella Hadid announced that she was a brand ambassador for Nike on Instagram in November, and since then, the 20-year-old model has stocked up on more sneakers than she has time to wear!

“I probably have 50 pairs!” Hadid told Coveteur in a feature spread, where she modeled those kicks and athleisure pieces from the brand. “I need to start donating them, I feel bad having that many.”

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That’s not to say that she doesn’t get a lot of use out of them. The star’s all about rocking a sneaker—even when she’s not headed to the gym.

So what’s her ultimate favorite? Nike's Cortez sneaker, which she attests can be worn with almost anything.

“The shoe is amazing on its own but to be able to put it with any outfit is so cool,” Hadid said. “You can mix and match it with a black dress or Levi’s or sweatpants—whatever you want.”

And when it comes time to work out, of course, Hadid still reaches for her trusty Nikes. But besides a workout regime with a personal trainer, Hadid confesses she’s “done some crazy shit” wellness-wise to try to keep her physique in shape. “This lemon cayenne juice cleanse is pretty crazy. It is next level,” she said. “It doesn’t sound crazy and then once you’re in it and you’re like, ‘What is life? What is going on?’ That is definitely a crazy one. I know it is pretty popular but…”

This Story Originally Appeared On People