The clean deodorant comes in a unique tube design that swipes on just like a stick.
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As the weather warms up, owning a good deodorant to keep you feeling fresh is a must, and Ashley Graham seems to have found her favorite.

The model posted a pic holding type:A’s deodorant in its white floral scent ($14; on her Instagram Story last week. “Favorite deodorant RN,” Graham wrote on the shot.

The clean, aluminum-free deodorant comes in a tube design that swipes on just like a stick, and has three scents (white floral, ocean mint, and crisp citron), plus a scent-free version. Its lightweight, creamy texture goes on dry, and boasts that it won’t irritate your skin thanks to its safe ingredients (like beeswax, coconut oil, aloe vera, and arrowroot powder) which are free of traditional deodorant preservatives. The formula won’t streak or stain your clothes either — it’s ultra-sheer and absorbs quick.


Amazon customers love the natural deodorant and its unique formula, which activates every time you sweat to absorb moisture and fight odors, with many saying it works better than other aluminum-free products they’ve tried.

“Finally a natural deodorant I can get behind! I had been reading about the harmful ingredients in deodorant for a while now and, now that I’m pregnant with my first child, decided it was finally time to get serious about finding a good, natural deodorant. After all, it’s something that you put on every day and something that stays on your skin all day,” wrote one shopper. “I’ve tried a number of brands but, hands down, Type A is hands-down, my absolute favorite. It’s got an easy applicator (no digging into a tub [with] your fingers [with] this one), a light, citrus scent and it doesn’t stain my clothes. Most importantly, IT WORKS! I smell good and feel good that I don’t have to worry about putting harmful ingredients on my skin.”

Shop Graham’s favorite scent, and all of type:A’s deodorants, below.


Buy It! The Dreamer type:A Deodorant (White Floral), $14;


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