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First there was thigh gap, then hip dip, then (yes, sadly) arm vagina. Now the body buzzword of the moment is "thighbrow," the soft roll of flesh every woman has over her thighs. It's not a new term, but it's back on social media thanks to an episode of America’s Next Top Model, when Tyra Banks and Ashley Graham defined it on the show.

Graham took to Instagram to share a GIF of Banks looking at her thighbrow, running her hand along it, and explaining, “It’s like a brow.”

Terms like thighbrow seem like they were invented to body-shame women into thinking their physical appearance doesn't measure up. But what's great about Graham's post is that her followers totally embraced the term. They're proudly sharing photos of their own thighbrow; more than 12,000 posts have hashtagged it.

“Learned something new last night,” wrote one Instagrammer. “Watched this yesterday and absolutely loved this moment,” commented another.

Hours after Graham’s thighbrow GIF went up, one young woman posted a mirror selfie and wrote, “The social media trend has shifted from the 'thigh gap' to the 'thigh brow' ... If the thigh brow was the trend when I was a high school girl, I would have saved myself a swimming pool of tears.”

One Instagrammer who used the hashtag even admitted, “didn’t know that was a thing….” Others have spread a new message about body positivity, as one captioned her photo: “No smoke and mirrors just a sweaty Shayna on the beach with her pasty skin and messy hair. But also that thigh brow tho ;).”

“Sometimes our thoughts and feelings on positive body image and self care are the only acts of kindness our bodies truly know,” another woman shared on Instagram. “There is some truth in having to teach others how to fully appreciate, respect and worship your body.”

For Graham and many other women, thighbrow is something to showcase—not hide or feel bad about. It's all part of Graham's super inspirational body positivity, a body trend we can truly celebrate.

This Story Originally Appeared On Health