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Updated Jul 28, 2017 @ 3:15 pm
Adam Scott - Bradley Cooper - WHAS
Credit: Getty, Netflix

Get ready to head back to Maine with all your friends because the Camp Firewood reunion is *officially* days away.

It’s been 16 years, but we’ve finally reached the ’90s and our favorite Wet Hot American Summer camp counselors are ready for their big reunion in the Netflix series Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later. At the end of the original Wet Hot American Summer film, theater geek Ben suggests the counselors reunite in 10 years, and now it’s really happening with *almost* everyone returning. If you look closely at the trailer, it appears that everyone from WHAS and First Day of Camp are returning for the limited series—including Jason Schwartzman as Greg, who legit *died* in First Day of Camp—with the exception of Ben himself, Bradley Cooper.

That’s right, Bradley Cooper WON’T be reprising his iconic role as Ben — but another actor is graciously stepping into that role.

Now, not just *anyone* can play the camp theater producer to Susie’s (Amy Poehler) camp theater director/choreographer. Cooper’s replacement would have to be a talented actor with incredible chemistry with Amy Poehler.

Like, this guy:

Adam Scott - Embed
Credit: John Shearer/Getty

We’re not kidding—Adam Scott is going to be playing Ben in Ten Years Later.

Cooper has been directing and starring in A Star Is Born and was unfortunately unable to reprise his role in the beloved cult film/tv series. But Ben has a *pretty* pivotal role in WHAS canon, and there was no way he would ever miss a reunion, so Michael Showalter and David Wain did what they do best: Turn it into a joke and cast Scott in his place.

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“I’m reminded of the sequel to Vacation, European Vacation, and there’s someone else who played Anthony Michael Hall’s character, and it’s just sort of ridiculous,” Showalter told Entertainment Weekly. “I like unapologetically just swapping out the actor. The idea that seemed so silly was that he had a nose job and is worried that people won’t recognize him, and the joke is that everybody recognizes him completely and says that you can barely notice it. Essentially what we’re saying is: If Bradley Cooper got a nose job, he would look like Adam Scott.”

Bradley Cooper - WHAS - Embed
Credit: Netflix

So what does Bradley Cooper think of being recast? According to David Wain, Cooper thinks it’s hilarious. Wain added fans could still see Cooper return as Ben in future iterations—as this is WHAS after all.

Get in on the joke with all your favorite counselors when Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later begins streaming on Netflix on August 4th.

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