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Bad Moms Christmas Trailer - Tout

Some people meet the love of their life at bars. Carla (Kathryn Hahn) might have just met hers while … waxing his junk?

In the new red-band trailer for A Bad Moms Christmas, Carla apparently falls for the guy (This Is Us star Justin Hartley) she’s waxing, and later goes to a strip club to watch him perform in Santa garb that, of course, doesn’t stay on for long.

“The women definitely go wild in this one as much as they did in the first one, if not more,” Jon Lucas, who wrote and directed the movie with Scott Moore, recently told EW.

This sequel sees the trio at the heart of 2016’s Bad Moms preparing for the holidays with the help of their own moms—who aren’t much help. When Mila Kunis’s Amy says she just wants to enjoy the holidays, her uptight mother (Christine Baranski) responds: “You’re a mom. Moms don’t enjoy, they give joy.” Meanwhile, Carla’s hard-partying mother (Susan Sarandon) thinks it’s Easter, and Kiki’s (Kristen Bell) overbearing mom, played by Cheryl Hines, won’t leave her daughter alone.

“I think actually what was really fun about this movie is the relationship between our bad moms and their moms,” Moore said. “I think that’s where the movie really gets explosive and fun and a little emotional and surprising.”

A Bad Moms Christmas arrives in theaters Nov. 3. See exclusive posters of the titular moms and their moms here.

This Story Originally Appeared On Entertainment Weekly