The Strawberry Milk Manicure Is the Next Big Thing in Nails

Here's exactly how you get them.

Strawberry Milk Manicure

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If it seems like every trend is getting the pink-tint treatment, you're not wrong. You could chalk it up to our collective Barbiecore obsession, but whatever the reason for this, it's tough to deny that pink is everywhere — and not about to fade into oblivion. In fact, it's coming for milk bath nails in the form of strawberry milk nails, which are dreamy and ethereal in their own right.

As celebrity nail artist Brittney Boyce describes it, strawberry milk nails have the same creamy feel of regular milk bath nails — just with a sheer pink tint to them. "Overall, they both look chic and are easy maintenance," she says. Here's how to borrow the look for yourself.

How to Get the Look at Home

Just like the OG milk bath nails, this strawberry version is easy to recreate at home. Prep your nails first by cleansing and buffing them, says Boyce. Then, apply a layer of basecoat before reaching for your creamy pink shade. (Her picks are the Aprés Nail's Oh For Shore or TuTu Together). Paint on two thin layers of color, allowing two minutes of dry time between each one, before sealing it with a topcoat.

You can also mix colors if you want. Nail artist Hang Nguyen likes to start with a bare base, like OPI's Bubble Bath, before mixing a hot pink shade with a clear topcoat and layering it on top to get that sheer jelly look.

What to Ask For at the Salon

As with any nail trend, it's always best to bring a picture for your nail artist to make sure you get the look that you want. "Otherwise, it may be hard to translate into words for the nail tech," says Nguyen. Fortunately, we've got you covered in the inspo department. Below are seven strawberry milk nails to try at home or at your next nail appointment.

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Wired Up

Strawberry Milk Manicure

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Add some edge to a sweet strawberry milk nail with a wire detail. The gold seen here is also the perfect complement to the light pink base.  

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Deep Dreams

Strawberry Milk Manicure


Barbiecore but make it more ethereal: Pair neon pink and purples for a deep, milky mix that’s as mesmerizing as it is unexpected. 

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Faint French

Strawberry Milk Manicure


An easy way to elevate the classic French mani is to paint a strawberry milky base over the tips instead of stopping and leaving them bare; it's sheer enough that the white tips still show through. Plus, it gives the entire nail a glossy look that looks done, but not overly so.

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Minimal Classic

Strawberry Milk Manicure

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Sweet, simple, and straight to the point: A full-coverage strawberry milky base is striking on its own. It's perfect for the minimalist at heart. 

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Wild Thing

Strawberry Milk Manicure

Channel your wild side with fun zebra print. Opt for stripes on the tips in a pale pink shade to nicely contrast the strawberry milk base. 

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Hint Of Shimmer

Strawberry Milk Manicure


When in doubt, add some glitter. These dark-pink, shimmer-flecked tips lend a moody feel to make your strawberry milk nails look even more romantic. 

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Hopeless Romantic

Strawberry Milk Manicure


We love a heart-shaped tip moment—and this negative space is giving. Use different shades of pink for a more dynamic look. 

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