This Glow-Boosting Moisturizer Has a TikTok Entranced — and It's My Holy Grail, Too

It extends my summer radiance into the winter.

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This Aptly Named Liquid Gold Moisturizer Has a Chokehold on TikTok and It's My Holy Grail, Too

Stratia Skin

With an ever-expanding beauty market, it can be especially difficult for independent brands to break through. Skincare fanatics have their tried and true brands, and it can be risky to venture out and test an unknown brand with nothing backing it. That hasn’t stopped social media users, however, who chose to trust one of Stratia Skin’s best sellers, Liquid Gold — and it has become my holy grail, too. 

Though the product first started to gain momentum on Reddit and Instagram, the product has officially earned holy grail status thanks to TikTok, where creators are leaving glowing reviews about the barrier-repairing gem. One TikTok user raved, “I could never go without it, pry it out of my dead cold hands.” 

Liquid Gold


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Liquid Gold is designed to deeply hydrate your skin and repair your skin’s natural moisture barrier. Its bright yellow color is thanks to the sea buckthorn oil added in the formula, which is soothing and can calm redness. Caution: This stuff stains, so beware for the sake of your pillowcases.

I’ve been repurchasing this for years, and it is easily the one product in my skincare collection that I cannot go without. Nothing can immediately repair my skin barrier the way this does. Being a skincare fanatic, I’m never afraid to test out new products, but my skin is often left over-exfoliated as a result. The second I sense my barrier is compromised, this is the moisturizer I immediately turn to and can guarantee will heal my skin overnight.

The best part is that it packs a serious punch of thick hydration while still feeling lightweight on the skin — I’ve even gotten away with using this pre-makeup. This would once have been a last resort for extremely dry skin, but now it’s a must-have for my daily skincare routine. Applying this occlusive lotion to seal in all the hydrating serums I use is the only way I can keep my skin looking moisturized and supple throughout winter. Not a flake or crack in sight, and my summer glow lasts all through winter. 

This is a product that’s definitely worth the hype, and supporting an independent skincare brand is an added bonus. Shop Liquid Gold at Stratia Skin and keep your skin happy this winter. 

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