Florence Pugh's Skincare Secret Is Now Available on Amazon for $15

It's the cutest way to tackle pimples.

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Florence Pugh's Skincare Secret Is Now Available on Amazon for $15


After growing up in a world of at-home cures for pimples — from a dab of toothpaste to concoctions made of Advil — it’s a relief to know I can walk into just about any drugstore and find convenient and effective pimple patches that combat breakouts in hours. Some opt for invisible styles while others make a statement with their pimple patch. (Why not have a little fun with it?) But regardless of your pimple-fighting style, these products work to draw out the gunk (sorry) and reduce the redness and size of your breakout. And now, a celebrity-favorite patch is available on Amazon. 

Florence Pugh uses Starface’s colorful Hydrocolloid Pimple Patches, which are adorable, star-shaped stickers that treat stubborn pimples and reduce breakouts overnight. And given that the brand’s virality, it makes sense that the newly launched patches are already rising the ranks on Amazon, with both the rainbow and classic Big Yellow breaking the retailer’s top 20 new releases.

Starface Hydro-Stars Big Yellow, Hydrocolloid Pimple Patches


Shop now: $15; amazon.com

Starface’s Big Yellow Hydro-Stars use one ingredient, hydrocolloid, which has been clinically proven to improve pimples overnight. The stars are vegan and cruelty-free, and designed to be gentle enough for continued use on all skin types. While the yellow stars are slightly more popular on Amazon, Florence’s favored rainbow stars do more than just fight pimples: 100 percent of the net proceeds go towards Black and LGBTQ+ focused non-profits.

Starface Rainbow Stars, Hydrocolloid Pimple Patches


Shop now: $11; amazon.com

While a Pugh-approval stamp is good enough for me, she’s not the only one to love these statement pimple patches, with nearly a three-quarters of all Amazon reviewers giving this new launch a five-star rating. Even at such an affordable price, customers rave about the quality, with one writing, “You are going to instantly feel how well made and substantive this feels. This isn't ‘cheaply’ made ... it's really nice!” Others noticed their pimples quickly disappearing. “I was a bit skeptical [at first], but figured at least I wasn't touching those two spots on my face,” wrote one reviewer. “But after [a] full round, the results [surprised] me: They helped!”

Starface’s statement pimple patches cover acne in a bold way while getting to the root of the problem. And now, you can stock up on Florence Pugh’s go-to breakout treatment for just $15 on Amazon.

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