Aura Nails Make For the Perfect Spring Mani

Aura Nails Make For the Perfect Mani For Spring

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One of our favorite nail art trends is something that can be defined — but rather felt. Yes, we're talking about aura nails. An aura is the electromagnetic field of energy that surrounds a person’s body and can describe their energy, and they show up in the form of colors. It’s difficult to see your personal aura with the naked eye, but if you look carefully in a mirror, you may see a particular color surrounding you. That is your aura. 

Alternatively, you can get your picture taken by an aura photographer and reader. This pro will tell you the meaning of the colors that surround you, as no two auras are exactly alike.  It may be that your aura is pink — this means your energy is gentle and giving.  If it's yellow, you are likely an optimist and outgoing.  Different colors express different things about you. 

For this reason, wearing your aura on your nails has become very popular — it's one of the most popular spring nail colors! Aura nail art allows our truest selves to be known by transcending our spirit and letting our innate nature be known.

This nail trend uses an airbrush technique featuring asymmetrical circular blobs of different colors that fade into another shade at the center. People are getting aura of nail art in droves and match their outfits based on their nails. Some even make up their own color combos, not based on their actual auras, but based on what they like or how they feel.  Whatever the case, the aura manicure is uplifting and alluring.  

Below are some images of aura nail art to inspire your next manicure.

Purple aura nails

spring nail colors - aura nails

Instagram @setsbysenia

Purple aura means that you have a connection to one’s spirituality and the divine.

Red aura nails

spring nail colors - red aura nails

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A red aura depicts a creative and passionate person.

Green aura nails

spring nail colors - green aura nails

Instagram @rosebud.nailstudio

The green aura dictates upcoming change, while blue represents intuition. The orange shows one’s creative and positive vibes. Pink identifies as confidence.

Black aura nails

spring nail colors - aura nails

Instagram @yournailplugx

The black can dictate the desire for protection work and a shift in life.

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