I Crossed the Atlantic for a Sicilian Earth and Sea Toning Treatment

Technically, it all went down in London, not Italy.

Sicilian Earth and Sea Toning Treatment Completely Rejuvenated My Skin

The Spa at Brown's/ InStyle

London has the hustle and bustle of any major city, but there's an oasis in the heart of the Mayfair neighborhood: the legendary Brown's Hotel. It's an enduring symbol of luxury and sophistication where history merges seamlessly with modern-day charm — which might explain why it's long been a destination for royalty, presidents, and celebrities alike.

Its spa is similarly noteworthy, offering an array of signature treatments and therapies that use both natural and organic ingredients to invigorate the mind, body, and soul. One of the most unique services is the Sicilian Earth and Sea Toning Treatment, a body wrap that uses ingredients sourced from the Mediterranean — which is what makes it Sicilian.

The treatment also uses formulas from the Irene Forte skincare line. Forte, the founder of the brand and driving force behind Rocco Forte Spas, says she was disturbed by the lack of well-balanced spa concoctions. She found existing brands to be either too simplistic or overly scientific. “Natural, high-quality lines were either tainted by potentially allergenic essential oils or didn’t have any aroma, leaving the sensory spa experience lacking,” she told me. To fill the gap, the brand has dedicated itself to harnessing the power of natural ingredients, pairing them with the highest standards of scientific research for indulgent, results-driven treatments.

Sicilian Earth and Sea Toning Treatment Completely Rejuvenated My Skin

The Paul Smith Suite

Before my treatment began, the esthetician rang a Sicilian handmade bell. According to Forte, the bell note is designed to help induce relaxation and signify the start of the treatment. As I eased into the experience, the esthetician asked me to inhale three times from a bowl of water infused with orange blossom. “All our treatments start with the inhalation of an orange blossom scent, which is designed to transport guests to Sicily,” said Forte. “Orange blossom also helps to relax the body and reduce stress and anxiety.”

The treatment began with a Trapani sea salt body scrub, which the esthetician massaged in to stimulate the detoxification process and remove dead skin cells. Following this, a nutrient-rich algae and clay mud wrap was applied to my skin, to extract impurities and start the toning process. The esthetician then wrapped me in corn wrap to stimulate the detoxification process; it felt like a soft, light sheet — apparently, it encourages the body to sweat, which helps to remove toxins and improves circulation. 

While enveloped in the comforting wrap, I was treated to a soothing scalp massage and a rejuvenating pressure point facial massage, both of which involved cold volcanic stones sourced from the Mount Etna.

After the nutrient-dense algae worked its magic on my skin, I was guided to the shower room. As I washed away the clay, I immediately noticed the significant improvements in the tone and texture. My skin suddenly felt as smooth as silk and thoroughly hydrated.

I returned to the treatment room, where I then enjoyed an indulgent full-body massage. The esthetician used a luxurious blend of specially-selected Sicilian body oils to further enhance the sensation and effectiveness of the massage, leaving me feeling even more relaxed than I already was — which was saying a lot.

By the end of my visit, I felt refreshed and rejuvenated. Is it one of the more indulgent experiences I've had? Yes. And did that make it worth the flight? Absolutely.

The Sicilian Earth and Sea Toning Treatment is £220 for 90 min and can be booked through Brown’s Hotel.

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