These Are the Only Hair Ties I Use to Create a Pineapple

No breakage over here, baby!

ALL NATURAL: These Are the Only Hair Ties I Use to Create a Pineapple

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One of my favorite things about my hair is the amount of space it takes up — and I don't take that for granted.

I'm blessed with a full, thick mane of curls and there's nothing I love more than wearing it out. However, when wash day is near, or the weather is too hot, or I just need my hair off my shoulders, a pineapple is a great alternative style. The only downfall? Traditional elastic hair ties often cause tension, snag, then lead to breakage, and ain't nobody got time for that.

Thankfully, Slip had the good sense to make to make silk-lined mini scrunchies. These give me the best of both worlds: a gorgeous hair tie that also won't break off or damage my strands.

"Your hair won't snag and break because [silk] allows your hair to glide along softly," Erinn Courtney, a StyleSeat Hairstylist and Natural Haircare Professional, previously told InStyle.


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To create my pineapple, I start off by applying some gel around the perimeter of my hair. Next, I take a hard brush and sweep my hair upwards, using my opposite hand to catch the hair. Afterwards, I take my Slip hair tie and wrap it around about three times (while it is more protective than a traditional elastic, I also don't want to create tension around my hair line, so it's important to make sure it's not too tight either way).

Once I'm done, I take a second to adjust my curly ponytail and voilà.

When I'm ready to take my hair down, I never see the usual breakage or experience the pulling I'm used to from traditional elastics. So, it's no wonder why Slip has become a staple in my styling routine — and will be for years to come.

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