If You Splurge on 1 Skincare Product, Make It This Universally Adored Anti-Aging Serum

Everything you’ve heard about this potent anti-aging serum is true.

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Ce Ferulic

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In my years discussing skincare — with colleagues, celebrities, dermatologists, and friends — I’ve met countless SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic Serum devotees, each of whom have remarkably glowy skin. Moreover, I’ve yet to hear a naysayer. To try this stuff is, invariably, to love it. 

SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic


Shop now: $182, skinceuticals.com 

SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic is a potent anti-aging serum that brightens hyperpigmentation, fades fine lines, and imparts a radiant, youthful glow within 12 weeks. Aptly named, the formula stars vitamin C, vitamin E, and ferulic acid, blended to achieve two distinct goals: First, to protect from environmental factors, like pollution and UV rays, which can prematurely age skin. Second, to brighten hyperpigmentation and, in turn, bestow a more even-toned, luminous complexion.

SkinCeuticals launched its now best-selling serum in 2015. In the years since, it remains impressively relevant. Other brands have even whipped up similar renditions — but the original remains inimitable. I recommend it, invariably, to anyone who asks, particularly as it’s formulated for all skin types. 

InStyle beauty writers and editors share similarly strong sentiments about the serum. Tamim Alnuweiri, a beauty buff with soaring standards, calls it “one of those expensive products that is absolutely worth the price.” She does, however, mention its scent, “like horse glue,” and others share similar nose-wrinkling reactions. After finishing a bottle, Tamim noticed decreased hyperpigmentation, increased radiance, and a host of additional benefits. InStyle beauty editor Zarah Kavarana has similar accolades. “There are few skincare products on the planet that prove worthy of a near-$200 price tag,” she says, “but let me reassure you — this serum is one of them.”  The serum faded her “not-so-fine lines” without irritating her eczema-prone skin. “If you can turn a blind eye to its hard-to-swallow price tag and unsavory scent, expect to see healthy, bouncy skin,” she concludes. Dermatologists are impressed, too. Dr. Libby Rhee, Ro Derm’s board-certified dermatologist-in-residence greenlights the serum chiefly due to its antioxidant load. She explains, "Antioxidants help repair skin and restore vibrancy, healthiness, and resilience,” namely by thwarting free radicals (cell-damaging atoms borne from pollution and stress, among other sources, that can accelerate skin aging). 

A few drops of the watery formula suffices for daily coverage. Once absorbed, the serum plays well with ensuing products. Admittedly, the packaging leaves much to be desired; what C E Ferulic lacks in external glitz, however, is superseded by sparkling results.

The SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Serum is thoroughly, wholeheartedly worth the splurge — and virtually everyone agrees.

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