How to Get Silky Hair with a Blowout

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There’s nothing more gratifying than catching your hair glinting in the light after a blowout at the salon. There's also no bigger bummer than trying to achieve the same soft, smooth look at home and ending up with less than stellar results. Sure, hairstylists know all the tips and tricks for getting their clients hair in tip-top shape, but sometimes, it feels like there's just something magical in the water swirling down those deep salon sinks that make your hair look like fine silk in a way you can't replicate.

The good news? That's entirely untrue, and you can, in fact, get the healthy, silky hair you crave — all with your own two hands. That's why we asked hairstylists for their best tips on how to achieve, salon-worthy strands from the comfort of your own bathroom. 

Prep Your Hair Properly

The process of getting silky hair begins way before you break out your dryer. “Preparing your hair for blow drying starts with washing your hair. You can pick out the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair needs,” says hairstylist Cassandra Normil. Leave-in formulas can also set you up for success. Normil recommends applying two to four pumps of Ouai Leave-In Conditioner to straight to wavy hair, or spraying four to six pumps of the Redken All-In-One United Leave-In Conditioner from mid-shaft to ends in curly and coily strands. 

“I love using a leave-in conditioner because it has multi-function use,” she explains. “It adds more moisture to your hair which helps with frizz and makes detangling your hair easier.” Meanwhile, Erickson Arrunategui, hairstylist at Bumble and Bumble in New York City, recommends the brand’s Straight Blow Dry cream for those with curly and coily textures in particular.

Hairstylist Bridget Brager prefers using hair oil on towel-dried after washing thanks to its myriad benefits for all hair types and textures. “Using an oil mid-shaft to ends not only smooths frizz and flyaways, but adds shine and acts as a thermal protector,” she says. “It also gives a nice slip when using a round brush, [which] can make your blowouts so much easier."

Work in Sections

Getting silky hair takes time, and concentrating on your strands in smaller sections ensures the best possible result. All of our experts recommend separating the hair into small sections before getting to work. “Blow-dry section by section making sure the airflow is going in one direction to smooth the hair cuticle and add shine,” Arrunategui says. “I use Ibiza Boar Bristle Brushes when drying because they don’t get so hot and give you the perfect smoothness.” Clip your sections out of the way before tackling each one.

Take Advantage of Attachments

Blow-dryers now come with their own attachable tools that can cater to almost any hair type or texture. For this silky-straight look, Brager recommends using two of the nozzles included with T3’s Featherweight StyleMax Professional Hair Dryer. “If you have fine hair and want a little extra body and volume at the roots, start by using the wide nozzle attachment,” she recommends, adding that this rough dry help stretch out your roots for your blowout.

After that, she says to switch over to the comb attachment to smooth your hair from roots to tips. “The comb attachment helps to stretch the hair as you dry, giving you complete control and gorgeous shine,” she says.

Embrace the Tension

Whether you’re using a traditional blow-dryer or the latest blow-dry brush, keeping each strand taut is the best way to get each section as smooth and straight as possible. 

“Tension is key to having a straight, smooth blowout,” explains Normil. “Doing this will ensure that the root is smooth and dry. To give tension to the hair, rotate your blow dry brush once and start gliding down your mid-shaft. Next, repeat the same technique.” That rule applies for your typical dryer-brush combo, too. 

Finish With a Flatiron

“If you want your hair straight, following up with a flatiron will be the next step to finish the blowout,” says Normil. She also recommends keeping strands as dry as possible once you've completed your look. “To ensure all of your hard work lasts, avoid steam," she says. "That means taking a warmer shower instead of a hot one and no saunas." After all your hard work, it's worth stretching the lifespan of your newly silky style as long as possible.

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