4 Short Hair Ponytail Ideas to Style Hair in Seconds

Short hair plus a ponytail? It's possible.

Short Hair Ponytail _ Hailey Bieber wearing a ponytail

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It’s kind of a universal experience: You spring for the haircut of the summer — the everlasting bob — and swoon over your new look…until you wake up one morning and just don’t have the time or energy to do your hair. Now, you wish you could throw your hair up into a topknot.

The good news? Although it sounds like an oxymoron, short haircuts like bobs and lobs can be pulled into a ponytail. And these days, they're not just for last-minute styles; with a little creativity, heat, and some product, a short ponytail can make a major style statement — without requiring too much work. Below, we spoke with hair experts for short hair ponytail styles you can add to your rotation.

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Snatched High Ponytail

Short Hair Ponytail _ Hailey Bieber with her hair in a ponytail

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You don’t need Ariana Grande's to have a high ponytail. Celebrity hairstylist Ricky Fraser recommends using a small hair extension with this playful look, but it’s not strictly necessary if you just want to go with a regular snatched pony. (Plus, you can go with a half-up high ponytail if your length doesn't allow for the height.)

The best thing about this look is that you can play it two ways: Go for a very sleek Y2K look, or you can just throw your hair up without thinking too hard if you’re just running out the door. All you really need is a little texture spray or finishing spray on a short high ponytail to give some volume and drama. R+Co’s Trophy Shine and Texture Spray gives a boost of volume, hold, and shine without weighing your hair down.

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Sleek and Smooth Ponytail

Short Hair Ponytail _ Kendall Jenner with her hair in a ponytail

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Sleep and smooth hair is a bold look, and with short hair, relatively easy to achieve. Fraser loves a short and very sleek low short ponytail for its polished, understated simplicity. Just remember that this look requires a little more attention to detail: having flyaways, frizz, or untamed baby hairs with this style will stand out quite noticeably.

To get it, Fraser recommends prepping damp hair with something to control the texture, like Unite Hair Lazer Straight Relaxing Fluid. “Once the hair is dry, smooth down any frizz and flyaways,” he says. To top it all off, mist the hair with a light veil of finishing spray for all-day hold.

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Effortless Texture Low Ponytail

Short Hair Ponytail _ Dove Cameron with her hair in a ponytail

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Some days, you want a style that's easy, but still has a little drama to it — and an effortlessly textured low ponytail is the answer to your problems. It doesn’t need the same attention to detail as a sleek and smooth low pony, but keep in mind that this look will probably work best if you’re closer into lob territory than bob. To create effortless-looking texture, Fraser recommends using a natural sea salt spray, to first give some piece-y definition.

Then, he follows it up with a good texturizing spray so that he can give more volume all throughout the pony, while still giving a little more grit and texture. For lightweight texture, Sachajuan Sea Salt Spray gives that day-at-the-beach grit and texture, without feeling unpleasantly sticky or leaving the hair feeling crunchy. For a nice combo of texture and moisture, consider Fatboy's Sea Salt Pomade.

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Curly High Ponytail

Short Hair Ponytail _ Yara Shahidi with her hair in a ponytail

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There’s nothing quite as delightfully whimsical as a short, curly little ‘do. For those who want to embrace their natural texture, Fraser recommends using a detangling spray and some curl cream to prep with maximum moisture and protection. To top it off, he recommends using some finishing cream to tame any errant frizz.

And if your natural texture is on the straighter side, feel free to add some soft little waves to your hair, do a small half-up ponytail, and finish it off with a little texturizing spray for volume. Davines This Is A Texture Spray gives great, airy texture and volume.

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