I Can’t Stop Wearing These Distressed Denim Shorts from Target –and They’re Only $15

These $15 Denim Shorts Are So Good, Target Can't Keep Them in Stock

I may have contributed to that inventory issue.
By Jennifer Chan
Jul 21, 2021 @ 9:00 pm
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If you ask me, the quintessential summer wardrobe essential is a cool pair of lived-in denim shorts. As a California girl through and through, denim shorts rank (very) high on my list of warm weather must-haves, and I feel like I'm forever hunting for a flattering pair that I can throw on with just about anything

In a perfect world, these dream shorts would be high-waisted in a medium wash with just enough rips to evoke that bohemian festival vibe without going overboard. Essentially, I would want them to look like I've owned them for years when in fact, I had probably painstakingly scoured every store and website known to man to call them mine. 

Little did I know that all I had to do was walk into my local Target to score the perfect pair. 

That's right, Target's Wild Fable line delivered the most impeccable pair of denim shorts  and they solve a world of problems for just $15. The High-Rise Frayed Hem Jean Shorts come in a handful of cute, very wearable colors and feature a tasteful 3.5-inch inseam that hits just right. 

jean shorts
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Shop now: $15, target.com

They boast the ideal amount of distressing to achieve the cool-girl aesthetic without trying too hard, and their extended sizing means no one's left behind when it comes to snapping up these impossibly perfect bottoms. 

As for the fit, they flatter all body types. 

"This $15 pair is like a unicorn among denim shorts, completely eliminating the awkward two-inch waist gap that all too often has prevented me from confidently donning a daring crop top," a fellow InStyle editor raved. "When I got my hands on my first pair and discovered that my summer wardrobe would never be the same, I was determined to pick up two more colors despite most of them being sold out in my size. I checked the Target site literally every day for a week until the shorts finally restocked, and trust me — it was totally worth the wait."

That being said, if you happen to see these shorts in your size, don't sleep on them. I've also gone to great lengths to secure a pair, and it's taken a lot of focus and sheer determination to be the proud owner of not one or two, but four pairs.

I should add that in order for me to nab the highly coveted white shade, I actually drove 60 miles round trip in Los Angeles to a faraway store located outside of the city to secure the last pair left in my size. Call me crazy, but it was well worth the mini road trip. 

Now that I'm the unofficial Target denim shorts queen, I'm currently helping friends and family members locate these affordable gems in my spare time, too. After all, shorts this good should be appreciated by everyone, and I'm a firm believer in spreading the Wild Fable wealth.