Weekend Shopping Roundup

From an Air-Powered Sex Toy to Smokable Bouquets, These Are the Best Things to Shop This Weekend

Apparently, we’ve already got V-Day on the mind.
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I know it's still a few weeks until Valentine's Day, and I know I'm only bound to get more annoying about it the closer it gets, but as a mere messenger for the market (not the GameStop kind, though), I'm here to tell you that there is a LOT of good V-day shopping to be done.

February 14 isn't a typical shopping holiday like Black Friday or Singles Day, but it is uniquely worth your wallet's attention — brands like to align launches with visible dates, and sales can be found on everything related to the occasion or not. And call it cliche, but there's really no better time to buy lingerie.

From an air-powered sex toy that's better than a vibrator to floral bouquets you can actually smoke, these are the best new, trending, and on-sale things to shop this weekend.

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Even if you're single, V-Day can be just as much fun. Just ask this newly launched sex toy from Dame Products that uses air to get you off. Not quite a vibrator, Aer sends pressure waves powered by pulses straight to your clitoris for a sensation unlike any other.

If you are coupled, though, here's a novel gift idea: Remember the "love fern" from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days? This is her now, feel old yet? Kate Hudson, the artiste who nailed that iconic crazy (soon to be) ex-girlfriend scene across Matthew McConaughey in the early-aughts film, is bringing back the plant that epitomized their sham of a relationship — but with more vodka this time. Hudson's spirits company King St. Vodka has partnered with Urban Stems so that you can get or gift your very own Love Fern, plus enjoy a 10 percent discount on a bottle of booze.

And then there are the things everyone, regardless of relationship status, can enjoy: flowers, weed, and the Alison Roman pasta. Brooklyn florist Oat Cinnamon has teamed up with Lovepot on a dried floral bouquet featuring CBD you can smoke, and if that doesn't scream romance, IDK what does. Meanwhile, fashion designer Rosie Assoulin joined forces with cookware company Great Jones on a set of madly stylish tea towels that instantly elevate any kitchen endeavor.

If, like me, you're simply married to fashion, you can revel in the glory that is Area's first-ever couture collection — and then scratch the itch with an investment-worthy piece from the NYC-based brand, knowing you're joining a league of greatness that includes Michelle Obama and Beyonce, also fans of the brand.

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Global fashion database Lyst released its much-anticipated report on the most hyped products from the past three months, and you know, the list makes a lot of sense to me. The number one pick is from Jennifer Aniston-approved brand The North Face: a retro-styled Nuptse jacket that brings the heat as well as the '90s. And second place is this pair of fuzzy Birkenstock slides that make the perfect house shoe.

Similarly, shopping app Klarna confirms something we already knew deep in our hearts: searches for sweatpants rose 1,000 percent in popularity over the same time frame. We are cozy creatures of habit, that's for sure. The more we dig our heels into this comfort-first lifestyle, the more creative we seem to be getting about it. Take, for instance, Leinwande's take on the classic Aran sweater. It's an emblem of the traditional, broken down, beaten up, and reimagined, and something almost too beautiful to wear — almost.

This month, we're celebrating the 100 year anniversary of Weleda, the skincare brand behind one of winter's most potent kryptonites: Skin Food. The fact that this super thick hand and body cream has been kicking for a century should tip you off to its efficacy, but if not, just ask the 12,000 Amazon reviewers who've given it a perfect rating.

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Here's a sweet treat: The already deeply discounted designer site The Outnet is slyly offering an additional 40 percent (!!!) off a pretty big selection of items, so long as you know where to look (here's the link, to save you some digging). Personally, I'm stunned to see this Danse Lente bag marked down to just $129 from its original $430, since this style has always been so popular, and I'm most definitely buying this Shrimps sweater because there's no denying joy (or a $300 discount).

If your entire Instagram feed looks like a pastel checkerboard, you'll be interested to hear that ground zero for the trend, Lisa Says Gah, is having a rare archive sale. Shop everything from scarves to separates in the brand's signature floral check.And if you're noticing a higher than usual volume of discounts on intimates, it's not in your head. We weren't kidding when we said Valentine's is the best holiday for buying lingerie — including the bra that Nordstrom shoppers buy in droves, now half-off.