By Samantha Simon
Updated Oct 04, 2017 @ 5:00 pm
Woman, shopping
Credit: Eva Katalin Kondoros/Getty

Any fashion-loving New Yorker know that sample sales are the ultimate spot for finding designer pieces at a fraction of their retail price.

But any fashion-loving New Yorker also knows that it’s not always easy to stumble across a sale that’s well-priced, well-stocked, and truly time-worthy. To get the scoop on the city’s best sample sales, we often turn to day-of blog reviews, individual subscriber lists, and host companies like 260 Sample Sale. But we have yet to come across a fully comprehensive method for navigating the sample sale world without having to sign up for every designer's email blast … until we came across ShopDrop, that is.

The recently launched and easy-to-use app has everything you need to go from sample sale novice to wizard in just a few taps. Based on your location (right now in New York City only), it finds the nearest current and upcoming sales, providing details and a short recap of what you can expect based on the label’s past sales. It even allows you to add the event to your calendar and invite your sample-sale fanatic friends to join you on your shopping spree.

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For the app’s founder, Estee Goldschmidt, the goal is simple. “We try to make the experience as seamless as possible for shoppers,” she told InStyle. “It used to be painstaking to integrate sample sale information into your calendar from your email, but ShopDrop makes sample sale shopping fun, easy, and hassle-free.”

The app’s team sources sale information from brand sites, blogs, and email lists, consolidating all that into in one spot. And they’re constantly keeping an eye out for new sales that pop up, bringing them to the attention of users via push notifications. “We’re lucky when we get two weeks notice about a sample sale, because brands often wait until the last minute to announce them,” said Goldschmidt. “So to make sure we’re providing the most comprehensive list, we update ShopDrop every single day—and we aim to specifically list brands that are offering a discount between 60 and 90 percent, because that's where our user gets the real value.”

ShopDrop currently allows users to share details about their shopping experience in a comment section, and Goldschmidt plans to expand the discussion further. “Right now, people are able to check into a sale on the app and comment about what they found—but soon they'll also be able to add pictures and videos of the merchandise,” she said. “We also review 4-5 sample sales on our blog every week, and that’s being integrated into the app, as well.”

Further down the line, Goldschmidt wants to change the sample sale game in even bigger ways. “We’re hoping to integrate data on shoppers to a point where we can have shoppers RSVP for specific time-slots to avoid crowding, have them choose items, pay on their phones, and earn rewards,” she said. “We’ve already tested that out at sales for Tracy Reese and Parker, and we’re currently working with Halston Heritage to offer special perks such as early access, gift with purchase, and additional discounts for ShopDrop users.”

Now that sounds much better than digging through a giant bin of damaged styles from two seasons back, doesn’t it?