These Butt-Lifting Leggings Actually Make Me Look Forward to Working Out

These Sweat-Resistant Shorts Are My Secret to Staying Comfortable on Hot Days — and They're on Sale

Say goodbye to sticky thighs.
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For me, one thing that makes hot summer days super uncomfortable is thigh chafing; there's nothing worse than sweaty, sticky thighs rubbing together during an outing. (Sorry for the TMI.) Not only can it lead to irritation and rashes, but it physically makes me feel warmer from all that friction. While I'm definitely a biker-shorts-under-my-dress kind of girl, sometimes if it's a really sweltering day, I don't want any extra clothing on me. That's why I consider these lightweight, moisture-wicking hosiery shorts my hero.

If you haven't heard of Sheertex yet, the brand makes virtually indestructible pantyhose — they're made with a pared-down version of fibers "traditionally found in climbing and sailing equipment," per the brand. The No-Sweat Shorties are made with the same material, plus some additional magic that makes them sweat- and odor-resistant. The seamless undershorts have a high waist, come in two lengths (six and nine inches), and range in size from extra small to 3XL.

Sheertex undergarments
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Shop now: $62 (Originally $69); or $69;

While the No-Sweat Shorties are a little pricey at $69 a pair, you can snag them on sale right now for up to 20 percent off. But even when they're not discounted, I find the price to be worth it for the sheer fact (pun intended) that they'll essentially never need to be replaced. Not to mention, if you've tried countless anti-chafing solutions that didn't solve anything, these shorts actually work. Whenever I wear them, I feel totally cool and comfortable, and my thighs are happier than ever. I also love the high-waisted fit — it isn't restrictive at all, and has the added bonus of a smoothing effect under clothing.

I'm not the only one who loves them, either; tons of shoppers have left rave reviews for the anti-chafe shorts.

"These are a lifesaver for under dresses," one customer wrote. "I wore them on my first long work day (I'm a teacher) on an above 80 day. I am in six different classrooms and constantly on my feet. There was no rolling, they felt breathable, and the best yet: no thigh chafing. I'm a plus size lady so this is HUGE. Buying two more now."

Sheertex undergarments
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Shop now: $62 (Originally $69);

Even if thigh chafing isn't an issue for you, we all sweat, and Sheertex's No-Sweat Shorties will just generally make hot days more comfortable. Plus, this limited-time discount is too good to pass up, so make sure to add them to your cart before it's gone.