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In today’s generation of shopping, fast fashion comes at a not-so inordinate price. Fast fashion retailers have made shopping for trendy items not only desirable but approachable at very reasonable costs. And I think I speak for all of us who are on a budget when I say, that sounds pretty fantastic! But once those $35 shoes are bought, and the shopper's-high fades, how many wears can we expect?

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When we think about long-term, there’s a better way to strategize about shopping. Simplistically put, having a “seasonless” approach can already give you more bang for your buck as a classic item can be worn all year 'round versus a trendy item which can only be used during a specific season.

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Now, when adding a math formula to the mix (bear with me), we can determine price-per-wear and decide which pieces are really worth our investment. To put our formula into action, I’d like to use the Chanel cap toe block heel as the example, as they are priced on the higher side at $800. But if we actually calculate price-per-wear, it can show that they can indeed be worth the investment. Let’s give it a stir.

Personally, I wear my Chanel cap toe shoes about 3 times a week. They are a seasonless item, so I can wear them all year 'round (in the winter I’ll just layer them with tights and some wool socks). I can expect at least a solid 11 years of wearing them (with some $20 cleaning and maintenance fee about once a year).

That leaves us with:

12 (wears per month) x 12 (months, as it is a seasonless item) x 11 (years) = 720 wears.

$800/720 = $0.5 per wear! This amount does not include the $20 yearly maintenance fee.

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In case you think that 11 years of wear and tear is extremely optimistic for these mean New York City streets, let’s estimate that the shoes will last me 6 years:

12 (wears per month) x 12 (months) x 6 (years) = 864 wears

$800/864 = $.93 per wear!

After calculating the price-per-wear, the thought of investing in a timeless Chanel item seems almost utopian! As can be seen, when shifting your shopping initiative to investment pieces, a splurge can be a bit more attainable. Not only do I wear my cap toe shoes to work, but they are also foolproof when paired with baggy jeans and a T-shirt on the weekends. Thanks to price-per-wear, I am only keen on classic and lasting pieces. And what is more classic than Chanel?