Everything is selling out again too.
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Nordstrom Surprise Sale Roundup
Credit: Moyo Studio/Getty Images

In these times, they say it’s best to try to stick to your normal routine as much as possible. For some people that means a quick walk around the block or a fresh pot of coffee in the morning. For us it means online shopping and getting overly excited about a huge sitewide sale like Nordstrom’s latest surprise spring event.

Let’s face it, even though we don’t have a ton to look forward to these days, this sale is something we would have been excited about regardless because nearly everything is 40 percent off. And now, we finally have time to actually go through the hundreds of pages with thousands of things super discounted. Everything from a pair of classic Levi’s to an oversized Marc Jacobs tote bag to Jennifer Aniston’s go-to underwear is up for grabs.

The sale will last for a couple weeks but things are selling out quickly. In order to save you time between your next Zoom meeting and your FaceTime happy hour, we’ve done a quick pass at all the items on sale and selected some of our favorites from every category, below.