The Puffer Coat is Back — And It's Better Than Ever

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Puffers are undoubtedly one of the most insulating of winter coats, so it makes sense that they are a big trend every fall. But this year they've emerged looking better than ever. In addition to your standard waist-length, knee-length, and ankle-length styles, there are now micro-cropped puffers, puffers with oversize collars, and what I'd deem "statement" puffers.

I grew up in London in the '90s when a puffer coat was the most fashionable jacket to wear, and the French clothing label NAF NAF was the brand to have. Back then, puffers were iconic. I would watch MTV and see hip-hop artists sporting the jacket in their music videos. Missy Elliott had just released 'All N My Grill,' and I remember being fascinated by the shiny puffer she wore in the video as she danced through the streets of New York. It felt like everyone coveted a puffer coat and they were available in every price bracket.

My mother bought me a NAF NAF puffer for school when I was eleven and I can honestly say I wore it for about five years. It was a strange love affair we had. I would step outside feeling like I was still wrapped in a cozy blanket. It had a hood I rolled into the collar and unveiled on rainy days and a drawstring at the hem that I could pull on if I wanted to make the jacket a fraction shorter. It gave me options. I thought I was the coolest kid on the block in my burgundy colored puffer.

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The puffer styles available today aren't like what I wore when I was younger; they have been refashioned and enhanced, there is so much more variety. Check out a few of my favorites and get ready to invest in the warmest coat you'll ever purchase. You can thank me later.

1. The Micro-Crop

Puffer Jackets

The waist-length puffer has been replaced by the micro-crop. Fenty and Tibi ($375; were a few of the designers to show the belly-skimming style, which is available in bright, fun colors. The micro-crop is perfect for layering and keeping you warm, while allowing you to show off your outfit. If you're sick of looking like you're drowning in your puffer, this style could be the solution for you.

2. The Statement

Puffer Jackets

Nothing says "I want to make a statement" more than a bold color or a striking print. Dark puffers have been replaced with bright colors and textured designs; Moncler ($1,250; and Kim Shui ($750; are two designers who showed off statement puffers this season. This jacket may not be practical to wear every day, but it's a nice addition to your collection. Pull it out when you want to add a pop of color to your fall outfit or when the day feels a bit gray. Creative prints, mixed fabrics, and multi-colored options will make you stand out in any crowd.

3. The Oversize Collar

Puffer Jackets
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Oversize collars have replaced the dwindling hood. This style, seen at both Sportmax ($1,045; and Vetements ($1,995;, is officially one of my favorites. The oversize collar immediately adds a cool factor to any outfit, no matter what you're wearing underneath.

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