Shop It: Bella Hadid's Street Style Look For $238

Photo: Pierre Suu/Getty

Wanna know what's epic? The outfit Bella Hadid wore out and about in Paris while doing, most likely, 343,565,131 things. That's just a rough estimated number, BTW.

Earlier today, Hadid was spotted looking as Parisian chic as she ever has, decked out in an oversized Houndstooth blazer, a Dior leather beret, a fanny pack (swung fashionably around her shoulder), and black cycling shorts. How much did this outfit ring her up? We're not sure. But we know that the chapeau alone will cost you a pretty penny.

Have no fear. We are here to do what we do best. Below, we're showing you how within 48 hours (What? There's such a thing as 2-day shipping, people!) you can look like Bella for $238.

The Hat

Shop something almost identical (albeit not real leather nor Dior). ASOS Seint PU Beret in Black, $23;

The Sunglasses

Just as good as the real thing! Forever 21 Tinted Oval Sunglasses, $10;

The Blazer

Guys, we found it on sale. Zara Oversized Blazer, $20;

The Cycling Shorts

SO MANY PURPOSES! Lucas High Technical Knit Stretch Shorts, $55;

The Pumps

Relax, they come in black. Steve Madden Daisy Pumps, $90;

The Fanny Pack

We found it in black. Herschel Supply Co. Fifteen Fanny Pack, $30;

And like we'd forget those insanely cool red hoop earrings? No way. We found them, here, for $10, on, because we're good like that.

What's left to say other than, you're welcome.

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