Is this… love?

By Laura Reilly
Sep 18, 2020 @ 8:15 pm
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Katie Holmes Evolve Mask Emilio New boyfriend
Credit: Splash News

Dating in 2020 has a different slant than we’re used to, so the rom-com-worthy relationships we see unfolding are bound to look a little unfamiliar. But that doesn’t mean the sweet, sometimes fumbling gestures are any less endearing — sharing a spritz of hand sanitizer, perhaps, or planning a yearning-filled socially distant date.

So it’s no surprise Katie Holmes’s new relationship with mystery man Emilio Vitolo Jr. has us captivated. Not only is our very own Joey Potter kindling a new flame (she deserves everything in this life), but we get to see what finding love in the time of COVID really looks like. To our delight, it seems like the emerging couple just reached a majorly zeitgeist-y milestone: matching masks.

Katie Holmes stepped out earlier this week wearing an Evolvetogether mask, which was noteworthy in itself because of how many other celebrities (Jennifer Lopez and Ariana Grande, to name a few) have already gotten on board with the brand. But today, Holmes and Vitolo were seen in Central Park both wearing the trending mask.

The medical-grade face coverings have exploded in celebrity circles as the mask of choice thanks to their breathable, skin-friendly design and higher protection grade compared to fabric masks. Holmes and Vitolo opted for the black versions, identifiable by their small branding text in the upper left corner, but the masks are also available in white and moss green.

On a bench in the famed New York park, the young lovers engaged in an intimate gaze, arms entwined, thinking perhaps about their fluttering hearts, pasta (he’s an Italian chef and restaurateur, after all), or just the good they’re doing the world with the simple act of wearing a mask as comfortable and cool as this.

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