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Tricks and Picks For Holiday Dressing - Lead 2016
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So you've already received 23,543 holiday party invites and they all fall under different dress code categories: fancy, laid-back, THEMED?!? While festive, it's an overwhelming time of year that requires many, many outfits. To help us out, we tapped InStyle's Senior Style Editor Ali Pew and Accessories Director Sam Broekema. Here, their holiday picks, and all the advice you could ever wish for. Consider this our holiday gift to you.

What makes the perfect holiday outfit?
Ali Pew: Something that feels like a more festive version of yourself. The worst is when you put on a look and end up feeling "un-you" for the night. It's best to add a holiday accessory or festive texture. I am very minimal, so I look for a shiny silk in black or navy to feel holiday ready.

#1 dressing faux pas to avoid?
Ali Pew: I would say don't overdo it. The holidays are such a fun time to dress up, but if you have on one or two glittery pieces on, leave it at that.

If your everyday style is casual, how can you adapt it for a festive night out?
Sam Broekema: Sparkle has always been the speediest add-on for evening, but texture and patterns like leopard can go after hours fast.

What are the key pieces for holiday party dressing this year?
Earrings, earrings, earrings.

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