By Shalayne Pulia
Updated Jan 22, 2019 @ 4:45 pm
InStyle x FEED Bag 
Credit: Johnny Miller/Edge Reps

As shoppers start to pay more attention to the story and the practices behind what they're buying, the conversation around sustainability has boomed. But changing the world for the better doesn't start and end with reducing plastic. In fact, one ethical brand has been tackling the issue of hunger for more than a decade. And it has made helping out as easy as clicking "add to cart."

FEED Projects began in 2007 as FEED founder Lauren Bush Lauren's answer to witnessing the reality of hunger while traveling with the United Nation's World Food Programme, and has since blossomed into a lifestyle brand that has helped provide more than 100 million meals (yes, that's million) to date, and counting. "[Focusing on conscious consumerism] was an unexpected way of doing business 11 years ago. But now, it's more expected," Bush Lauren told InStyle. "Customers want to give back and give a gift that they love."

Inspired by FEED's progress and drive to help the more than 700 million people who go hungry every day across the globe, InStyle partnered with the brand to create a limited-edition tote complete with a Cherry Bombe enamel pin. The purchase of just one bag for $28, available here, helps provide 10 school meals to children in need across the globe.

In December, Bush Lauren and Brooklyn-based baker Lani Halliday announced the InStyle x FEED collaboration bag, which also features the InStyle logo and the number "10," in reference to the number of school meals provided with purchase. By focusing on school lunches, FEED hopes to give parents in developing countries more inceptive to send their daughters, who may otherwise stay home, to school.

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