Jennifer Lopez Helped Me Discover the Perfect Double-Mask Combination

Jennifer Lopez Helped Me Discover the Perfect Double-Masking Combination

Hint: They’re both A-list favorites. 
By Braelyn Wood
Mar 01, 2021 @ 6:13 pm
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My quest to find the perfect face mask took nine months. Each time I deemed a particular style my favorite, it was quickly replaced by the latest innovation that was more comfortable, more breathable, or simply more stylish - until I discovered Masqd. The Jennifer Lopez-approved brand stole my heart with its structured, adjustable designs, and I swore never ever to wear another face mask again. 

Then double-masking started trending. Countless politicians showed up at Biden's inauguration wearing two masks rather than one, which earned almost as much buzz as Michelle Obama's iconic inauguration day look. The look showed safety precautions were evolving, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated its face mask guidelines a few weeks later to recognize the efficiency of double-masking. Suddenly, my face mask setup didn't feel protective enough for high-risk transmission situations, like riding the subway or visiting Urgent Care. It was time to upgrade. Again.

Luckily, the basis behind double-masking is that you increase the layers of filtration by adding another mask to your setup, rather than replacing the one you already own altogether. The process brings you closer to the levels of filtration achieved with N95s, the only masks guaranteed to protect against coronavirus, and KN95 (an imported alternative from China that's FDA-authorized for emergency use). I could keep my beloved ribbed face mask, but I'd have to find a suitable disposable mask for underneath.

Because Jennifer Lopez led me to Masqd, I turned to the superstar for guidance on a disposable option. Like the rest of Hollywood, J.Lo had been spotted in the evolvetogether face masks. Made with three layers of protection - including a water-resistant outer layer, meltblown center, and moisture-wicking inner layer - the mask offers superior filtration while staying super breathable. Add in an adjustable nose bridge and no-tug ear loops, and there's no question as to how it became an A-list favorite.

The first time I paired the masks together was admittedly… a lot. it was definitely more difficult to breathe wearing two masks rather than one, and the air seemed to steam up faster that normal. But it was a small price to pay for the obvious benefits: My reusable mask ensured the disposable one tightly hugged my face, preventing any air from slipping through unintentional openings. I felt safer, and isn't that the whole goal?

More importantly, it was immediately clear these two J. Lo-approved masks were destined for each other. They fit together like nesting dolls: Their ear loops didn't interfere with one another, and I wasn't playing a game of bumper cars with the adjustable nose wires. The disposable mask even made my go-to reusable one look cooler by adding an unexpected silhouette. Another bonus? You don't breathe directly on the reusable mask, so you won't need to wash it as often.

While you don't need to double-mask for every situation, like a stroll around the neighborhood, it's a good practice for places where social distancing isn't possible. Luckily, you won't have to spend months trying to craft the perfect combo - J. Lo and I have you covered.

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