I Get Hot and Sweaty Easily, but These 8 Things Make Summer (Somewhat) Bearable

Sweaty girl summer is real.

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To all my fellow sweaty girls, I see you and I hear you. As someone who perspires and gets hot extremely easily, I know getting through the summer can be tough. I can't tell you how many times my day has been ruined simply because I've stepped out in a dress and forgotten to throw on my trusty biker shorts underneath. (IYKYK.) I can't say that I've figured out how to sweat less during those 90 degree days, but I have found some solutions to help me sweat more… comfortably.

Below are the eight things I swear by to stay calm, cool, and collected in the summer heat:

  • Jisulife Handheld Mini Fan, $17; amazon.com
  • Secret Antiperspirant Clinical Strength Deodorant, $9 (Originally $15); amazon.com
  • FallSweet No Show High-Waist Briefs, $20–$21; amazon.com
  • Knix Essential High Rise Underwear, $25; knix.com
  • PanOxyl Creamy Acne Wash, $8 with coupon (Originally $11); amazon.com
  • Sheertex No-Sweat Shortie, $59; sheertex.com
  • Esarora Ice Roller, $15 with coupon (Originally $19); amazon.com
  • Aerie Longline Triangle Bikini Top, $21 (Originally $30); ae.com

Jisulife Handheld Mini Fan

summer editors' picks

Okay, I never thought I would be one of those people who took out a portable fan in public either, but here we are. Honestly, if you live in NYC or any other large city where you take public transit to get everywhere, a handheld fan is a must during the summer. I love this one because it's slim and pink, and it also acts as a power bank and flashlight. It's pretty powerful for its size, too.

Shop now: $17; amazon.com

Secret Antiperspirant Clinical Strength Deodorant

summer editors' picks

I know that using a non-aluminum deodorant is the wave nowadays, but unfortunately I just haven't found that they work for my needs. I switched to a clean deodorant for about half a year and it was a struggle, so I'm going to keep using what works for me for now. If you're worried about the safety of using an antiperspirant with aluminum in it, board-certified dermatologist Dendy Engelman, MD previously told InStyle "there is currently no scientific evidence to support" that the ingredient is linked to breast cancer.

All that aside, I really love Secret's Clinical Strength Deodorant. It keeps me dry and smelling fresh for hours.

Shop now: $9 (Originally 15); amazon.com

FallSweet No Show High-Waist Briefs

summer editors' picks

Wearing a pair of seamless, cooling, and moisture-wicking undies is key for me during hot days. These high-waisted undies from FallSweet do a great job of meeting those standards — they have a cotton gusset and are thin and comfy. One shopper said the panties feel like "wearing air, only better," and I have to agree. The reviewer continued, calling them "super soft [and] moisture-wicking" and "never hot, sticky, [or] damp." You can snag a pack of five in various colors for $21.

Shop now: $20–$21; amazon.com

Knix Essential High Rise Underwear

summer editors' picks

Knix's Essential High Rise undies deserve a shout out, too. With a quick-dry gusset, the smooth-as-butter panties are made with a breathable fabric that keeps me as cool as possible. I also find that they're slightly compressive and keep things smoother than usual under my clothes, which is an added bonus.

Shop now: $25; knix.com

PanOxyl Acne Creamy Wash

summer editors' picks

What goes hand-in-hand with being super sweaty during the summer? Body acne. Bacne has been a longtime struggle of mine, but fortunately PanOxyl's creamy acne cleanser keeps it from flaring up too much. The cleanser is made with 4 percent benzoyl peroxide, and while the acne-fighting ingredient is known to be drying, this pH-balanced formula also contains emollients, so it doesn't try out my skin or sting upon application. After a long, sweaty summer day, I try to use this as soon as I can in the shower.

Shop now: $8 with coupon (Originally $11); amazon.com

Sheertex No-Sweat Shortie

summer editors' picks

In addition to cooling undies, I wear a pair of shorts under my dress to stay comfy when it's super hot out. I own a ton of bike shorts that do the job of preventing thigh rub and general stickiness just fine, but sometimes the added fabric makes me a tad warmer than I'd like to be. Enter Sheertex's No-Sweat Shortie, which is made out of the same lightweight hosiery knit as the brand's unbreakable tights. Believe me, the $59 price tag is worth it if you have #thickthighs.

Shop now: $59; sheertex.com

Esarora Ice Roller

summer editors' picks

There's no way that anyone who is frequently on Amazon doesn't know about the Esarora Ice Roller. I feel like it's one of those products that always pops up in my searches, and I finally decided to buy it after Sydney Sweeney raved about hers. Thank goodness I did, because this seemingly random product has been super helpful — I use it to cool myself down, soothe skin puffiness, and even combat migraines.

Shop now: $15 with coupon (Originally $19); amazon.com

Aerie Longline Triangle Bikini Top

summer editors' picks

If you experience any kind of boob sweat, here's a tip: Wear your bikini top as a bra. I accidentally discovered how well this works thanks to Aerie's Longline Triangle Bikini Top, which is so flattering and comfy that I decided to just wear it as a bra one day. As someone whose chest starts sweating first in the heat, I felt like a lightbulb went off when I realized just how smart this was. This bikini top has a pull-on design, so there are no strings to tie, and it won't look like you're wearing your swimwear as actual clothing. I can't recommend it enough.

Shop now: $21 (Originally $30); ae.com

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