I Can't Stop Thinking About the $495 Coach Sweater With a Bagel on It

Do you know how many actual bagels I could buy with that money?

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Coach Zabar's Sweater
Photo: Courtesy, Getty Images/InStyle

New York is full of legends, and Coach seems determined to put all of them on sweaters. The label's spring 2022 collection features a collaboration with Zabar's, an iconic Upper West Side purveyor of bagels and lox since the 1930s — you can try them on Goldbelly if you're not in the area, but you should really visit the shop if you are. Now that it's (almost) actually spring, the pieces I started salivating over in September are finally up on Coach's website. And by some sort of miracle, the Coach Zabar's sweater is still available as of this writing in most sizes, including mine.

It's taking literally all of my restraint to not purchase this sweater with a bagel on it for four interest-free payments of $123.75, which is how I described the price to my frugal boyfriend. Because do I need a dry clean-only mohair sweater for $495, roughly the same price as 142 bagels with schmear from Zabar's? No, of course not. But am I going to crave it the way I crave a zesty, bread-y everything bagel by the time the weekend comes around? I sure will.

Just look at it:

Zabar's Sweater

Shop now: $495; coach.com

Be honest with me — have you ever seen a more delicious sweater?

Inevitably, it'll go the way of the Cashin Carry with the Zabar's Graphic and sell out. If I can hold off until then, I'll have plenty of funds to shop non-Zabar's stuff in Coach's sale section, which is quietly and reliably filled with desirable designer goods for up to 50 percent off. If I forgo the $495 sweater, I can use the money saved to buy a hat that reminds me of Wordle, a now-under-$60 wristlet that would fit a CDC vaccination card, a red Tabby shoulder bag, and two dozen cream cheese-laden bagels instead.

Crossword Knit Beanie

Shop now: $75 (Originally $150); coach.com

Small Wristlet

Shop now: $57 (Originally $95); coach.com

Soft Tabby Hobo

Shop now: $277 (Originally $395); coach.com

Should I really want to scratch this merch itch, I can just buy this $10 shirt directly from Zabar's, which is "generously sized" and has a visible Fruit of the Loom Tag. Or maybe I'll settle somewhere in the middle of $10 and $495 and get Coach's organic cotton Zabar's tee (below) while it's still in stock. Either way, I'm definitely buying a bagel ASAP.

Zabar's T Shirt In Organic Cotton

Shop now: $150; coach.com

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