These are the 15 best things to shop from thousands of just-launched deals.

By Laura Reilly
Updated Nov 01, 2019 @ 1:30 pm
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Whatever you had planned this afternoon, put it on pause for a moment. Amazon just launched its Black Friday deals page early, and you’re going to want to see these wild savings before you do anything else.

Black Friday falls on November 29 this year but, to the delight of shoppers, retailers are cleverly starting their sales earlier and earlier. Today, Amazon surprised everyone by launching its sale almost a month ahead of schedule, offering way marked-down deals on everything from anti-aging beauty to that viral Orolay down coat.

Some of the deals are ongoing, so you can shop a little more peacefully. But a fair number are Lightning Deals, meaning they only last a few hours and expire once a maximum number of shoppers have claimed them. Amazon trackers show just how long and how “claimed” each deal is, so you can exercise a sense of urgency for the hottest items.

To save you some sleuthing, we’ve rounded up the best fashion, beauty, and other can’t-miss deals to buy now.

Clothing and Shoes

Beauty and Skincare

More Deals