This $8 Exfoliating Glove Smoothes “Dry, Lined” Skin So Well, Even Skeptics Are Impressed

Shoppers in their 40s say it takes 20 years off.

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This $8 Exfoliating Mitt Smoothes "Dry, Lined" Skin So Well, Even Skeptics Are Impressed

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I try to believe my skincare routine actually does something, if only for the modicum of control it offers over the world. So it was disappointing to step out of the shower the other day and see little, pilled-up balls of dead skin remain after using a body scrub. Clearly it failed at its one job, so it might be time for me to pick up an exfoliating mitt — and I have my eye on one $8 find that more than 16,500 people love. 

The product in question is Seraphic Skincare’s Exfoliating Mitt, a viscose rayon glove that has earned thousands of five-star ratings and the number two spot on Amazon’s best-selling body scrubs and treatments chart. Shoppers attest that it’s incredibly simple to use: While in the shower, you just don the mitt, scrub your skin in circular motions, and watch a “life-changing” amount of dead skin fall off your body.   

Per one user, the amount of skin that came off made them feel like a “walking, living, breathing, freaking mummy,” while the aftermath of soft, “baby-smooth” skin transported a fan in their forties back to their twenties. The latter comment came from someone who said they’ve tried countless exfoliants over the last 15 years, so trust, this is $8 well spent. 

Seraphic Skincare Korean Exfoliating Mitt
Seraphic Skincare Korean Exfoliating Mitt.


Shop now: $8; 

Beyond its dead skin-dispensing ability and knack for leaving “dry, lined” skin looking so fresh, even skeptics are convinced, multiple commenters also noted that the Seraphic glove “greatly” improved their keratosis pilaris (KP) and ingrown hairs. A full 81 five-star reviewers highlighted the former; one customer said it “drastically reduced” the visibility of their KP with a single use. As a last “genuinely astonished” person wrote, their skin became “velvety soft” for the first time ever — a “miraculous” outcome.    

For an exfoliant you never have to restock, Seraphic Skincare’s Exfoliating Mitt is just $8 at Amazon.

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