Selena Gomez Clapped Back at a Critic Who Made Fun of Her Shaking Hands on TikTok

The singer had a noticeable tremor while applying her skincare.

Selena Gomez isn't a stranger to social media's harsh scrutiny — in fact, it's partly why she took a four-year break from running her own Instagram account. So, it comes as little surprise that the singer didn't miss a beat when it came to shutting down trolls who criticized one of her recent beauty tutorials on TikTok over the weekend.

Selena Gomez


In the video, Selena demonstrated her glam routine for fans while wearing a white ribbed tank top and a black headband that pulled her hair away from her face. Her first step was to remove her existing makeup with micellar water on a white washcloth, and then a sponge for her eye area. As she squeezed the bottle, Selena's hands shook slightly, which had fans concerned for her health. 

While many commenters were genuinely worried about Selena, others made fun of her physical condition, with one taking it a step further by making a now-deleted video that mocked the singer. According to Us Weekly, Selena clapped back in the comments section, writing: "Lol I shake because of my medication for lupus. Also read my disclaimer. I ain't no pro."

Selena was first diagnosed with lupus in 2014, and three years later, she underwent a kidney transplant surgery for the autoimmune condition. In 2018, Selena opened up about how her diagnosis really put things in perspective during an interview with Good Morning America. “Honestly, I’ve just kind of stepped back a bit. I enjoy my life. I don’t really think about anything that causes me stress anymore, which is really nice,” Selena said. “I don’t even live in L.A. anymore.”

She added, "I don’t pay attention to trying to get people to like me as much.”

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