Scentbird vs. ScentBox: We Take a Closer Look at the Two Fragrance Subscriptions

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scentbird vs scentbox

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Finding the right perfume can be tricky. I used to rely on pull-out strips from magazines or spritzing myself with a few options at the crowded department store beauty counter, only to purchase full-sized bottles that I didn’t love after a few wears. After ditching countless unused samples and bottles during a move last summer, I decided to refresh my perfume stash by trying out two different popular subscription boxes, Scentbird and ScentBox.

With both services, I was able to sample lesser-known indie fragrances, popular big-name classics, and luxury scents all for a fraction of the retail cost. From pricing, customer reviews, sample sizes, and more, here’s everything you need to know when comparing Scentbird and ScentBox to determine which service works best for you. 

How Does Scentbird Work?

Scentbird has an inventory of more than 600 scents ranging from bestsellers like Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue and Versace’s Eros to niche and exclusive fragrances from Sisley and Room 1015. Not sure where to start? Take an online quiz to build your unique scent profile for personalized recommendations, or browse the website and sort scents by brand, occasion, season, and other predetermined categories.

The base monthly subscription includes one 8-milliliter fragrance sample, the equivalent of 120 sprays, which is large enough to ensure it’s the perfect fit for your body chemistry and small enough to toss into your bag for a midday refresh. To try more scents, upgrade to a two- or three-sample plan, or add one-time 1.5-milliliter samples to any upcoming order. New subscribers receive an elegant, neutral-hued atomizer case for samples, but you’ll have to pay for additional ones moving forward. Members can also purchase full bottles and other beauty items like makeup and body creams from the site at a discount and take advantage of seasonal sales and promotions throughout the year. 

How Does ScentBox Work?

From colognes and perfumes from indie brands as well as designer names like Prada and Burberry, ScentBox has a selection of over 850 fragrances. Like Scentbird, you can take an online quiz to narrow down the options or filter scents by brand, fragrance family, season, and occasion.

With the company’s standard subscription plan, customers get access to scents from over 850 designer names like Carolina Herrera, Bond No. 9, and Oscar de la Renta. The plan includes one 8-milliliter sample per month, plus a branded atomizer and keepsake box. For high-end samples, including luxury fragrances like Tom Ford’s Black Orchid, you’ll have to upgrade your membership to the premium or platinum box at an additional cost. Each subscription tier includes the option to add up to three samples per monthly shipment for a small upcharge, as well as free exchanges for five scents within a 12-month period. Love what you’ve tried? You can purchase a full-sized bottle directly from the site. 

Scentbird vs. ScentBox: Key Specs

Specs  Scentbird ScentBox
Average price  $26.98/month $23.28/month
Free shipping? Yes Yes
Bottle size 8 mL 8 mL
Number of scents 600+ 850+
Delivery frequency Monthly Monthly
Samples per shipment 1–3 1–3
Full-size bottles available? Yes Yes

How Much Do Scentbird and ScentBox Cost?

Scentbird Pricing

Plan Price
1 fragrance per month; 8 mL bottle  $16.95/month
2 fragrances per month; 8 mL bottle $27/month
3 fragrances per month; 8 mL bottle $37/month

ScentBox Pricing

Plan  Price
Standard box: 1 fragrance per month; 8 mL bottle (600+ scents) $16.95/month
Premium box: 1 fragrance per month; 8 mL bottle (850+ scents) $21.95/month
Platinum box; 1 fragrance per month; 8 mL bottle (1,000+ scents) $30.95/month

Scentbird Reviews

Scentbird’s website is very user-friendly, and you can browse the brand’s entire library of fragrances before committing to a subscription. The online quiz is very detailed and helpful in nailing down your personal scent profile — think warm, distinct, and sensual or soft, fresh, and floral — and will suggest specific fragrances to match it, including more niche options like Veronique Gabai’s woody Vert Désir and Lalique’s sweet and feminine Soleil.

Not only can you choose your own perfumes for each box, but you can also arrange items in a queue for future shipments and mix and match colognes and perfumes — perfect for those who don’t want to be confined to gender-specific scents. At $16.95, the box is affordable, and there’s no upcharge for choosing premium fragrances.

For those used to clothing subscription boxes that arrive two to three days after ordering, be prepared to wait: Scentbird perfumes can take 10 to 14 days to ship. Also, contacting customer service takes some effort. While there’s no live chat or phone number, the company does answer email inquiries within 24 to 48 hours.

Online Scentbird reviews praise the company for giving customers access to high-quality fragrances and a large variety of samples. They also give it high marks for ease of placing orders and budget-friendly membership plans. Others note that Scentbird customer service does not have a direct phone number or live chat and experienced lag times when trying to cancel or pause memberships.



ScentBox Reviews

For a large assortment of fragrances from top brands, ScentBox’s variety can’t be beat. Try gender-neutral options like Juliette Has a Gun’s Anyway, as well as more popular designer and celebrity perfumes like Burberry Brit and Rihanna’s Nude. Want to try even more samples? It’s easy to add one-time mini-sprays to your order. Plus, ScentBox offers several additional beauty products, such as bath bombs, body wash, and scented candles.

However, several high-end scents like Acqua di Parma’s Blu Mediterraneo Bergamotto di Calabria aren’t included in the standard membership, so you’ll have to upgrade your plan and pay extra for full access to the company’s portfolio of perfumes.

ScentBox reviews are enthusiastic about its varied selection of high-end and niche fragrance samples. Customers also give the company high marks for its responsive support service team, affordability, and overall quality of packaging, atomizers, and samples received. Others wish samples were delivered more quickly, as orders often take up to 14 days to process once you sign up for a membership.

Pros and Cons



  • Large selection of brands, with more than 600 scents
  • Offers multiple subscription tiers 
  • Customers can choose which fragrances are shipped
  • Add-ons include candles, makeup, and other beauty products


  • An upcharge added for some premium perfumes 
  • Free atomizer case only comes with the first shipment
  • No customer support phone number and live chat feature



  • Access to over 850 niche and high-end brands
  • Can exchange up to five samples for free every 12 months
  • Customer support available via email and phone
  • Offers multiple membership plans for flexibility


  • Must decide on scent selection seven days prior to shipment
  • Certain fragrances are only available via more expensive membership plans
  • Boxes don’t ship for up to two weeks after placing an order 
scentbox subscription


Alternatives to Scentbird and ScentBox

In addition to Scentbird and ScentBox, there are several other perfume subscription boxes on the market. Choosing an alternative to these companies depends on your budget, needs, and the types of fragrances you’re most interested in receiving.

Membership tiers vary from service to service, as do bonus items like exclusive scents, cases, and personalized assistance choosing your samples. Also factor in the number of samples per shipment, the cost of each sample, and which brands are included in each membership plan. Some companies allow you to select your own perfume and give you access to their entire library for one rate, while others ship pre-selected samples or charge additional for premium brands. Here are some alternatives to consider.

  • Average Price: $14.95/month
  • Free Shipping? Yes, only for orders above $35
  • Bottle Size: 8 mL

Choose to get 8-milliliter samples from over 500 high-end brands like Prada, Versace, and Yves Saint Laurent with’s monthly subscription service. At $14.95 per month, and half that rate for first-time users, the service is affordable and a great way to test new scents. You can either pick which sample you want to receive each month or have one of the brand’s fragrance experts pick one for you. While the selection is great, there’s no option to add on additional samples, and you’re required to select a men’s or women’s plan, so it’s not a great choice for those who like more variety or don’t want to stick to one type of scent.

Scent Trunk

  • Average Price: $18/month
  • Free Shipping? Yes
  • Bottle Size: 5 mL

Scent Trunk specializes in customized, DIY perfumes as well as proprietary scents developed in collaboration with top independent perfumers. Choose from three themed membership plans, each of which includes one 5-milliliter sample per month, the equivalent of 100 spritzes — perfect for stashing in a clutch or small bag. Scents are seasonal and inspired by the designers’ favorite places, like Chavalia Mwamba’s Honeybush. Made with ingredients indigenous to the continent, the warm and spicy fragrance with notes of earth, leather, and wood reflects the landscape of Fynbos, South Africa. Monthly memberships are $18 and include shipping costs. But while you can choose which themed collection to receive, perfumes arrive in the order of their release, so you can’t pick and choose which ones will ship.

LUXSB — Luxury Scent Box

  • Average Price: $15.95/month
  • Free Shipping? Yes 
  • Bottle Size: 9 mL

LUXSB — Luxury Scent Box has a portfolio of more than 800 scents from premium brands like Gucci, Cassili by Parfums de Marly, and Ramon Monegal. Not sure where to start? Take the online fragrance survey to receive personalized recommendations based on your favorite scents and note preferences. The $15.95 monthly subscription fee includes one 9-millimeter sample — approximately 150 sprays per month — as well as a new fragrance case each quarter. The selection and customization options are excellent, but you can only receive one sample per month and need to subscribe for two months to be eligible for the new subscription discount. 

Final Thoughts

Whether searching for an old favorite or a bold new scent, perfume subscription boxes streamline the process of selecting the perfect fragrance. Scentbird is a great option for those looking for mainstream brands and personalized fragrance recommendations at an affordable cost. For flexible membership plans, over 850 luxury and niche brands, and fun add-ons like a keepsake box and branded atomizer, ScentBox is a good pick. Whichever service is right for you often comes down to your budget and personal taste. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Much Are Perfume Subscriptions per Month?

    Perfume subscription boxes are an affordable way to sample several scents without committing to purchasing one at full price. Costs vary, but the average perfume membership starts at around $15 per month — a fraction of the price of a standard bottle of perfume. Even with add-on fees for multiple samples and premium brands, perfume subscriptions are an affordable way to shop for new scents. 

  • How Long Do Perfume Subscription Box Bottles Last?

    Like regular-sized bottles, perfume samples have an average shelf life of about two years. To extend the life of your samples, store them in a cool, dark place away from sunlight and heat. Signs the perfume is past its prime include a slight yellow tint to the liquid and/or a metallic, sour smell, which means the formula has oxidized or has broken down after contact with air. To make the most of your samples, use them within the first year or two and label them so you know when it’s time to toss them.

  • How Many Scents Do You Get in a Perfume Subscription Box?

    The exact number of scents varies by service, but the average number is one to three bottles per shipment. Many companies allow you to add on additional scents for a small upcharge or an upgraded membership tier.

  • Can You Get Both Cologne and Perfume in a Fragrance Subscription?

    Many fragrance subscriptions like ScentBox require you to choose either a cologne or a perfume membership plan. Others, like Scentbird, give you access to both types of scents, so you can gift or mix and match fragrances as needed. Whichever you prefer, be sure to check the company’s terms and conditions before signing up for a subscription. 

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