My Skin's Before and After Photos Convinced Multiple InStyle Editors to Buy This Filter-Like Foundation

See them for yourself.

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Saie stained glass foundation launch

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If I could, I would post my team’s internal messaging thread about Saie’s new Glowy Super Skin Foundation and just call it a day. I merely shared my before and after photos, asking the team to weigh in on their thoughts; I was immediately overwhelmed by messages that read, “What's the product, because I want it,” “I will be needing this,” “You’re so glowy,” and “[You] just convinced the entire team to buy this in seconds.” 

Saie Glowy Super Skin Foundation Before and After
Before (left) and after (right) using Saie's Glowy Super Skin Foundation.

InStyle / Tamim Alnuweiri

Before and after Saie Glowy Super Skin Foundation. 

So, yes, according to my fans, I look great. But the real question is why — what is it about this foundation that makes my skin look so amazing? It essentially has a stained glass window-like effect, akin to a transparent filter that zhuzhs up my skin without completely concealing it. The texture is slightly more viscous than water, like liquid silk.

Glowy Super Skin Foundation


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The 36 shades are seamless with natural complexions, but after playing around with four shades, I actually had a very hard time finding my match  because of how adaptive they are. Ultimately, I settled on shade 12, which is suitable for my sun-deprived winter skin, but as I spend more time outdoors in the spring and summer, I will likely transition to shade 13. 

There is a lot going on in the Glowy Super Skin Foundation’s formula; like with all Saie products, it’s made of equal parts skincare and makeup. The star ingredient is polyglutamic acid (PGA), which is 10 times more moisturizing than hyaluronic acid, but the bottle is also packed with squalane, glycerin, and more. 

I wear foundation often, and even the ones I love tend to feel oily and patchy by the end of the day. But because of Glowy Super Skin’s nourishing skincare properties, it actually lasts longer, looking and feeling fresh and healthy after hours of wear. 

Head to Saie to shop its new Glowy Super Skin Foundation — I know my team will be. 

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