This Highlighter-Primer Hybrid Is the Key to Glass Skin, According to a Viral Makeup Artist

The TikTok creator behind the “gym lips” trend has another noteworthy hack.

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This Tiktok Hack for Glass Skin Hack from this Editor-Approved Brand

Saie/ InStyle

When I troll TikTok, it’s usually to keep up with whatever beauty product or hack is going viral at the moment. I’ve walked away from the app with a couple of new favorite blushes, but the “hacks” usually strike me as cumbersome and would just create an extra step in my beauty routine. 

One of the only tips I’ve actually found useful and have integrated into my makeup repertoire is the ”gym lips” trend that was reportedly coined by Kelli Anne Sewell, aka @makeupxka on TikTok and Instagram. I’ve followed the makeup artist since I first stumbled across the video and have already picked up another trick from her: a glassy, glowing skin technique that uses a highlighter-like product from the brand behind my favorite concealer, Saie. 

In the minute-long video, Sewell calls Saie’s Glowy Super Gel in Starglow her “literal secret weapon.” She says that the hybrid highlighter-primer-luminizer is an essential product for achieving “glassy, glowy skin.”



Shop now: $28;

To get the look, however, Sewell says you have to apply Saie Glowy Super Gel “so specifically.” She demonstrates the technique, which begins with pumping a lot (like three full pumps) of luminizing gel onto the back of your hand and then taking a Beautyblender or makeup sponge and dabbing it in the product “until it feels almost wet.” 

When you take the sponge to your face, Sewell advises that you only have one swipe to get it right — you can’t go over with extra layers because the sponge will end up picking makeup off your face. In just 15 seconds, Sewell applies Glowy Super Gel to the high points of her face and instantly has the glass complexion she promised. 

Sewell’s other tip? “Focus on using a really lightweight foundation if you choose to use foundation,” she tells InStyle. Something with “medium coverage” finished off with Saie’s Glowy Super Gel will give you that “glazed donut look,” the makeup artist says. 

According to one of the almost 1,000 five-star reviews, Saie’s multi-tasker is a “holy grail glowy skin product.” Another shopper wrote, “I worked in television for many, many years and had access to some of the best makeup and skincare anybody could find but… this is absolutely, positively the best moisturizing glow I’ve ever come across.”

At $28 Saie’s Glowy Super Gel is an affordable and easy way to quickly achieve glass, faux-naturally dewy skin.  

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