Ryan Reynold Revealed Which Child's Birth Was the Most Stressful

He and Blake Lively officially became parents of four back in February.

Ryan Reynolds may only have two months of experience with being a father of four, but apparently, adding his family’s newest arrival into the mix hasn’t been too difficult of a transition.

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When chatting with Entertainment Tonight Canada at the Canadian Screen Awards on Friday, the actor (and half of Hollywood’s favorite couple) opened up about what life has been like since quietly welcoming his and wife Blake Lively’s fourth child back in February.

“You know, two to three [kids] was a huge jump,” the actor told the outlet of the birth of their now-3-year-old daughter, Betty, in 2019. “Three to four, less so. I cannot speak for my wife, but it’s just from what I’ve observed. But, we love it. You know, we would be idiots to do this again if we didn’t love it.”

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Ryan noted that the transition may have been made easier due to his and Lively’s personal experiences with big families (they are both the youngest of four and five, respectively) before joking about his own family: “I haven’t met any of them yet, but they seem great. They have a private Instagram account that I follow.”

The actor’s comments offer a rare bit of insight into the pair’s life with four children, although most details surrounding the newest addition still remain unknown. While the couple has yet to share their newborn’s name, gender, or even a formal announcement, a source told People shortly after the baby’s birth that their sisters, James, Betty, and Inez, were already adjusting beautifully.

“Blake and Ryan are amazing together. Ryan is a great dad. He is very sweet to Blake," the source shared. "They are very excited about the new baby. The older siblings have adjusted great. Blake is the best mom. She is surrounded by friends that shower her with gifts for all the kids. She and Ryan are a favorite couple. It's a goal for many of Blake's friends to have what she has."

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