I Never Thought I Needed a Cleansing Brush Before I Tried This Device That Left My Face So Soft and Clean

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RoseSkinCo CPC facial cleansing device

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When it comes to skincare, I like to keep things simple. I’ve always enjoyed testing new and promising products, but I was still a rookie with one in particular until recently: facial cleansing brushes. There are nights I can barely muster up enough energy to wash the day off my face, let alone think about adding another cleansing step to the process.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try RoseSkinCo.’s Petal 2InStyle’s top pick for best ergonomic facial cleansing brushes. After a few uses of this ultrasonic facial device I’ve officially hopped on the cleansing brush train and am never looking back. Plus, at a budget-friendly $39, it’s significantly less than similar cleansing brushes that offer the same benefits — and right now, you can get 20 percent off sitewide with code DDM20.

After my first use with the Petal 2, I realized my standard wash-and-go routine that I thought gave me a thorough clean was put to shame, TBH. The Petal 2’s deep-cleaning ability comes from its 10,000 ultrasonic pulsations per minute, along with magnetic, circulating beads that help my cleanser get deep into my pores, removing impurities and leaving me with a soft, fresh face. It made me realize my acne-prone skin — and I’m lightyears away from those problematic, youthful years — was not from being unlucky, but from a skincare routine simply that wasn’t sufficient.

Petal 2


Shop Now: $32 with code DDM20 (Originally $39); roseskinco.com

To use the Petal 2, I take a wet washcloth or gentle makeup wipe to remove any makeup. After dampening my skin, I put my regular cleanser directly on the device, and power it on. The areas that I target include my forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin, going over each in soft, circular motions while spending about 90 seconds total on my face — the brand’s suggested amount of time. Not only did I notice how fresh and bright my face looked, but it also felt softer and less bumpy with every use.

The cleansing brush offers four different settings, so you can find your personal preference. The brush modes include with and without the circulating bead rotations, plus two different style pulsations. It even remembers the setting you last used, so it’s ready and waiting for you when it’s time to cleanse again. Sometimes I’ll change up the mode at the end of the cleansing cycle to give my face and neck a mini massage (think: a quick hit of relaxation at the end of the day). Once it’s fully charged with the included charging hub and cable, which takes just over an hour, the device will last for 200 uses.

Blossom Dew

Rose Skin Co

Shop Now: $16 with code DDM20 (Originally $20); roseskinco.com

While the Petal 2 works with any facial cleanser you prefer, you can also grab RoseSkinCo.’s Blossom Dew facial cleanser for just $16 with our code. It works with any skin type (oily, dry, normal, or combo) to clean your skin and give it a glow. The cleanser’s main ingredients include turmeric to reduce inflammation, antioxidant-rich rose water which acts like an astringent, and aloe to provide soothing properties. It also gives your skin a light, rose scent, perfect for spring.

Now that I’ve seen the benefits to adding a facial cleansing brush, I’m officially a cleansing convert. Squeezing in an extra 90 seconds to my daily routine is worth the results. Shoppers are too, with one person sharing that their “skin has improved with softness” while also noting that their “dark spots” are “less prominent.” Another shopper tested the Petal 2 by using it to remove their makeup after a concert. They used “a makeup wipe afterwards and the wipe was actually white after using it, meaning the brush removed all of [their] makeup.” The shopper also highlighted that it’s “super smooth on your face and leaves your skin flawless.”

If you’re not getting the deep clean you need in your normal skincare routine, grab the RoseSkinCo. Petal 2, and add code DDM20 for 20 percent off.

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