I Never Need to Shave, Wax, or Tweeze Again After Using This Painless Hair Removal Device

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RoseSkinCo CPC - Shoppers and Editors Are 'Shocked' By This Device That Painlessly Zaps Away Hair for Good — and It’s on Sale

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When it comes to hair removal, I’ve tried everything: waxing, shaving, threading, hair removal creams — you name it. I even splurged on getting professional laser hair removal on my underarms over five years ago, which has served me well with minimal hair growth ever since, but it was painful and cost me a pretty penny. Needless to say, it’s been a challenge to find a reliable, lasting hair removal method that’s more affordable.  

So, while on the hunt for a steady routine, I turned to RoseSkinCo.’s hair removal tools that shoppers can’t stop raving about. The brand sent me its Lumi IPL Hair Removal Handset to test, and I only wish that I had tried this device sooner — but now you can with 20 percent off when you use the code DDM20 at checkout.    


Rose Skin Co

Shop now: $151 with code DDM20 (Originally $229); roseskinco.com

The handheld device uses intense pulsed light technology (IPL), a laser-like hair removal treatment that’s safe enough to do in the comfort of your home without having to wear protective glasses or sunglasses. You can use the Lumi anywhere from below your cheekbones to your toes; I decided to tackle the hair on my legs, which I’ve shaved daily for years — up until now — and have the strawberry skin to prove it. 

Set-up was much easier than I anticipated. All you have to do is plug in the device, select an intensity — which ranges from weakest to strongest at levels 1 to 6 (I’m currently at level 3), and a mode (stamp, glide, and auto) to target each spot’s specific needs like ingrown, stubborn, or coarse hair. I prefer the glide mode, which pulses every second as I slowly move the device along my leg, giving me the peace of mind that I’m evenly targeting every hair. After treating my legs, I just put on my body lotion, and I’m done — it’s that easy. 


Rose Skin Co

Shop now: $151 with code DDM20 (Originally $229); roseskinco.com

I’ve been using my Lumi twice a week for the past two weeks and have already noticed thinner and less hair growth on my legs; I’m counting down the days until it’s gone for good — this can take 6 to 12 weeks, according to the brand. Consistency is key when it comes to seeing results, so I have  a reminder on my phone to make sure I’m keeping up with my at-home treatments. While the main goal is total hair removal, the most standout part about this device is that it’s completely painless (coming from someone who doesn’t have a high pain threshold). There’s also no need to shave every day or worry about damaging the skin, which has happened to me with hot wax.

Partnerships editorial director Ariel Scotti also tried the Lumi and saw similar results within a month of use. The sensitive, razor-bumped skin on her legs has been “clearer” and “smoother,” she shared, noting that the process is “totally painless” and easy, as she uses the device while watching TV at home. “[I’m] actually looking forward to shorts weather” thanks to the Lumi, she said. 

Shoppers are just as impressed with their visible results. One person who uses it on their underarm hair said they “notice less growth,” while a second customer described it being a “painless and fuss-free process.” And a final reviewer who had gone through 10 professional laser treatments said they prefer the at-home device, especially because it’s “a fraction of the cost.”

Grab the Lumi at RoseSkinCo. for long-lasting hair removal and forget about tweezing, waxing, and shaving for good. Just be sure to use our special code DDM20 for 20 percent off at checkout. 

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